Who am i? A stranger that you don't know bc you on my page for no apparent reason why u here tho?
My age? you don't need to know. But frl doe I'm not to young and I'm not to old so fuck off pervs
Am I taken? Got hoes to I can't commit
My name? Look at my username TF
What race am i? 50% black and 50% Hispanic it's hard really hard😔
If you think that male vampires are hot you my friend now no questions asked if you also think that men who work in a gang or mafia are fine well not the old musty, dusty, crusty,and rusty ones your also my friend
Do you ever wake up and be like fuck you fuck you and just hate everything in your face and everything you see? No one? maybe it's just my morning anger issues
That one feeling were you just took a shower and you put comfy pjs and got in bed with some soft ass. Blankets and read on books on wattpad 😩best feeling ever
I'm bisexual so I like both men and women mostly woman
And just read the stories I have n my reading list or dont your choice
If you have any questions don't bother to ask bc I won't awnser them or I will if I'm bored
Insta: ariskysb
Soundcloud: gabby fexin

Btw i MIGHT follow back only if u match my vibe/energy ect so yea or i just might cuz i feel bad
Oh and ima ✨💅😩😏😙😋✌👀💥💳 CApRiCOrN 💳💥👀✌😋😙😏😩💅✨btw why yall hate us like whatd we do to yall
Chaw anyways byee
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zamari_black_ zamari_black_ Jun 18, 2022 03:17AM
I'm Backkkkkkkk ok ok dis time I won't leave like fr so much happened n yea I'm back babes and I will update my profile when I get !y phone back 
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