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Judges house.

  "Are you sure you have everything?" My dad questioned as he retrieved my suitcase from the trunk. We had just arrived at airport, I have a flight to Marbella, Spain for the judges house. I'm kinda nervous on how this is gonna go, especially since this is the first time i'm performing with the band.

  "Yes, I have everything." I said while taking my luggage from him.

  "Passport." He stated.

  "Check." I stated back.






  "Dad, I have everything. Now, I have to go, the boys are waiting for me." I said while looking back in the airport where I saw my five band mates standing there. "I love you, I will let you know when I landed." I said while giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

  "Be careful and have fun!" He shouted as I walked in the airport. I walked over to the group of boys, that I call my band mates and gave them all hugs.

  "Alright, everyone ready?" Liam asked and we all nodded. The six of us then headed to the private terminal. When we got there, we saw the other groups, FYD, Bella Amie, Diva Fever, Twem, Princes and Rogues, The Reason and Husstle.

We all boarded the private jet and set off to Spain. I was sitting by the window with Zain on my right and I noticed he was really nervous.

"Hey, you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, just my first time flying." He said.

"Don't worry, the loop de loop isn't that bad." Louis said as he turned around in the seat in front of us. I looked at him confused then I realized he was just joking.

"I remember my first time flying, I was terrified for the loop de loop but it wasn't as bad as I thought." I said, going along with it.

"Yeah, it really isn't that bad. It's pretty quick, you'll be fine." Louis said. I tried my best to not laugh.

"Loop de loop?" Zain questioned, I could see his face get so scared. I wanted to laugh so bad.

"Yeah, it happens right after the take off, you'll be fine." Harry said from behind us patting Zain's shoulders then sitting back down. I turned around at him and I saw him and Niall laughing.

"It's really not that bad, I promise." I comforted. Then the plane started to take off and I felt Zain grab ahold of my hand. I just let him hold it, since me and the boys scared the shit out of him.

It was about a 4 hour flight. The whole flight, Zain didn't let go of my hand. I could tell he was still scared and waiting for the loop de loop. Zain and I talked just about the entire flight and sometimes the boys would butt into our conversation. Like me and him were talking about who we think the judge will be then Harry started telling us it's Simon. Personally I think it's gonna be Cheryl.

Finally we had landed and got off the plane. We all had our own cars to take us to the hotel we were staying at for the night. Once the six of us got in the car, Zain started to speak.

"There was loop de loop was there?" He questioned, realizing how stupid it was. We all started to laugh, I guess everyone was in on it.

"Yeah, there was no loop de loop." I laughed.

"You all made feel like an idiot." Zain said making everyone laugh harder. "I was waiting for it and then it just never happened."

"Sorry." Louis apologized but then just ended up laughing instead. After a few minutes, we had finally arrived at the hotel. We weren't staying long, just to drop off our luggage and get situated til heading to the judges house.

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