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"Toritsuka-Kun what is it now?"

"We've only known each other for a month and you already act so cold!" Toritsuka had a fake tear rolling down his cheek.

"That's because every time you harass me it's when I'm trying to do something. You have no filter for bad timing.."

"Your honesty hurts." he pretended that an arrow shot into his back, "Anyways did you hear about the collab we're having in art?" You titled your head to the side not knowing what he was referring to. "Our teacher is going to pair us up with students in another class."

All the color drained from your face when you heard about partners, in the month you've been here you haven't made any friends. Tortitsuka doesn't count because he technically adopted you, he's like that piece of food in the fridge that you don't necessarily want to eat but you don't want to throw it out either so it just sits there for eternity. "You can't be my partner, you're the only person I know..."

"Sorry I would if I could but sensei gonna have my ass if I miss another class." Toritsuka internally cried thinking back to when he skipped his last art class and the teacher made him organize all the paints by color and alphabetical order.

"I'm gonna die." You let your face slam onto your desk.

"That's alright I'll still be able to see you as a ghost!"

You ignored him by putting your headphone on again and blasting music.

In another classroom, Saiki could hear this intense music being played and it was slightly annoying. Well, she's not in a good mood I guess.

There's bout an hour left of class before art. He was impatiently waiting for class to be over so he could be your partner in art class. It's not every day that you come across an average girl, but an averagely unique one. His interest has peaked.

"And that wraps up the end of the lesson and class. Make sure you have all of your notes written down and your homework is turned in. You have 5 minutes to pack up and head to your next class." the teacher left the room.

Saiki already being prepared immediately stood up and was ready to walk out of the room until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Dear god please no.

"Hey there buddy! Wanna get some ramen?"

"We're in school Nendou."

"Well then let's go get some after school!"

"Maybe later."

"Alright!" Nendou cheered triumphantly and walked away.

Saiki walked to the art room very agitated. He wouldn't leave me alone if I hadn't come up with a lie. He's a simple-minded fool so I'm sure something will distract him so I don't have to go.

Walking into the art room Saiki noticed you in the back sitting on a stool while clutching your sketchbook to your chest. A wild average girl has been spotted.

Saiki stood a good distance from you, not too close, not too far. Once the teacher announces for us to find partners it will be easy to approach her naturally from this distance.

"Time to find your partners, you're not allowed to partner with those from your same class!" the teacher announced. Saiki saw you look around frantically not knowing where to go or what to do. I need to wait exactly 20 seconds after this since most people will have partners by then and I can come in like a saving grace making her more friendly with me off the bat.

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