Chapter seven

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I keep thinking of what Mr. Tyson said.

You have no choice.

Time to plan the wedding.

Be ready at 3 pm.

I don't know but I could see how much anger was burning in his eyes. I didn't miss the way he was clenching and unclenching his fists or when his jaw clenched when he was talking to me.

"Thank you Sir,do come by again. ",I thank a regular customer. Leave it to me to forget his name.

"No need to thank me Ammy, I love this bakery. I'll definitely come by soon",he says walking over to his car.

I wave goodbye and re-enter the Café.

It took me 10 minutes to tidy up the Café. Five minutes more than what it will take me when Danny is around.

Oh shit! Danielle.

I need to get back home.

Let's just say I drove like a mad broke woman back home.


"Danny I'm home", I announce upon entering our apartment.

Dropping my keys on the kitchen counter, I rush to our bedroom.

"Danielle you in here?"

"Yeah,you back already?",she groans rubbing her eyes.

"Please don't tell me you've been in bed all day? Jeez Danny did you even have anything to eat? Are you even listening to me?", I scold.

"Hey, quite scolding me and yes I did have something to Cheetos that is",she says smiling cheekily.

"Let me go freshen up before I say something I'll regret", I say and head to the bathroom.

"I'll go make dinner", Cheeto girl  says.


"Dinner was great thanks", I say placing the dishes in the sink.

I hate doing dishes. I swear, I'll eat out just so I don't have to do dishes.

"Sure", Danny replies.

"Anyway,"I drag the word out,"Guess who came by today", I tame a sit next to Danny on the sofa.

"You know how I suck at guessing mate,just tell me already or else we'll be up all night", she says.

The girl isn't joking,she really sucks.

"Mr. Tyson", I say.

She gasps.

"No way".

"Yes way".

"Are you going to tell me what happened or am I left to guess again",she says.

I tell her what went down with my mybe soon to be husband.

"Oh babe,you really are in a deeper hole than I thought",she says pity evident in her voice.

I sigh.

"I literally have like three days to clear my debt and all I've got so far is 5 percent of the total amount",I say defeated.

"Ammy as much as its hard for me say this,your only way out of this is agreeing to tie the knot with Mr Tyson right",she says taking my hand in hers.

"You know, I actually believed that I could gather the money to pay that jerk. Although,deep down I knew it would be impossible to raise such a large sum of money in such a limited amount of time. The idea of marrying Him just didn't sit right with me for one second. But if I have to kill my ego just so I can keep my Café running and make Reece and her grandmother happy,than I'm in", I say feeling a huge bolder has been lifted of my shoulder.

She smiles and brings me in for a hug.

God, I love this soul. She's the best thing that ever happened to me. Ever.

"Well, since I finally made up my mind. Lets get me something to wear for tommorow. ",I say getting up and smacking Danny on the head.

"Oww, what's that for",she pouts rubbing on the spot I smacked.

"Thats for only having hot Cheetos for breakfast and lunch", I scold.

"I wasn't in the mood to cook",she defends herself.

"Yeah right,now less talking and more finding me something to wear", I shout from our bedroom.




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