Art is Hard

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Oh my god, it's so awkward.

You and Saiki sat across from each other reading about your respective animal choices. You didn't put in your headphones since it seemed rude, but it was also very quiet. You clenched your jaw unconsciously trying to focus on the book.

"It seems that groundhogs only live in North America."

"I thought they lived in both North and South America. Interesting..."

Saiki could feel all of the energy you were radiating and it screamed "awkward." 

"To save time and paint we could use one of the larger canvases and combine our painting."

"That sounds good, maybe the groundhog could be popping its head out of the ground slightly, and then we could paint white flowers surrounding the burrow where the orchid mantis is."

"I like that idea."

Saiki looked back at his book. It's just what I'd expect to hear.

You felt a tingling sensation in your toes and your hair stood on end. Someone is staring at me and it's not Saiki.

Right, when you were starting to feel comfortable you had to get this weird sensation. You always get this feeling if someone's eyes are on you for too long. It's definitely coming from somewhere behind me but I don't have any friends so why are they watching me?

You glanced at Saiki and saw he had an extremely irritated face and it slightly scared you so you shoved your face back into the book you were reading and tried to ignore the feeling in your toes.

To say Saiki was upset was an understatement. He's in a quiet place, with a tolerable and very average person. Now she has to show up. I thought she was into that one guy from that other class why is she here. Good grief, leave me alone.

Of course, it is none other than the great Yumehara Chiyo herself. 

It seems that the other guy didn't live up to her high standards and now she's crushing on Saiki again. Who is this girl and what's her relationship with Saiki?!

Saiki sighed not wanting her around and he noticed that you felt uncomfortable with the slightly sinister aura radiating behind you. He decided to speak up, "Let's head back towards the art room and get the supplies we want before others take too much."

You agreed very quickly, leaving the library sounded amazing.

After signing out the books you and Saiki were walking through the hallways heading towards the art room. It was silent, not comfortable but also not uncomfortable. Saiki was getting tired of all of the static in your mind, did being around him make you that nervous?

Saiki was thinking of many ways for him to communicate with you without ruining your average personality. His thoughts were interrupted by you surprisingly.

"Um....." you looked at him and looked away holding the book closer to your chest.

"Hm?" he glanced at you.

"Did you find any interesting facts about groundhogs?"

"There was something about farmers not liking them because of their burrows. But PETA apparently wants to replace them with AI."

You looked baffled, "Are they trying to release robotic groundhogs into the environment?"

"Not sure, I didn't read that far in."

It was silent once again, but this time it was more comfortable. The static seems to have died down. I guess the louder the static the more upset she is. 

You slid open the door to the art room and saw your sensei holding Toritsuka in a headlock. "Toritsuka if you keep struggling I'm going to put you into a german suplex!"

You and Saiki just stood there dumbfounded, how the hell did he even get himself into this situation? Better yet is this even legal?

"I yield!! I yield Sensei! I'll take art seriously and I'll stop making jokes for the rest of the year just please let me go! I can feel my throat closing in on itself!" Toristuka screamed.

You cleared your throat and directed your opinion to Saiki, "A lot of words for a dying man."

Saiki nodded his head.  Good grief it's usually the unimportant side characters that take the longest to die.


For any of those that are interested in the PETA groundhog thing:

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