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Xiao's POV

At the edge of the cliff, It was a sight to behold. The sky melted into a pink and orange tone, blossoming upon the horizon, as if an explosion of colour bursted in the sky. Sitting cross legged and barefoot, the grass tickled against my feet, however I got used to the sensation of it. As my eyes drifted off the rest, the sound of rustling from the crisp air carrying leaves blended in with a melody in the background.

It was faint, yet effective. My attention was now fixed on this sound, and I couldn't ignore it. I slowly got up from the ground. I followed the direction of the sound, getting louder the closer I got. At the end of the path stood a bard with braids, slightly taller than me. I smiled, knowing who it was. The only person who could play such heavenly music, one that was able to manipulate every sense to be at ease, is Venti.  However, I didn't want to disturb him; instead I stood there, taking in the moment.

Venti's POV

I heard the sound of footsteps, however continued to play my melody. Whoever this person was didn't leave and stayed. I took a quick glimpse behind me and saw Xiao there, lost in his own thoughts. I chuckled at the thought of Xiao admiring my melody and continued playing. He didn't seem to realise I saw him. After I was done playing, I looked up to the sky.

Xiao's POV

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Venti said in a soothing voice, starling me. When did he notice I was there?
Nevertheless, I answered back, "Indeed it is."
Then, Venti turned around, I finally was able to see his face. He motioned me over by waving his hand, so I walked over to him. He grabbed my hand and we sat down next to each other, causing me to blush. I turned my face to the other side so he couldn't see the redness forming on my face.

We sat in silence, watching the remaining of the sunset together. The orangey-pink tone extended far and wide. The ball of fire glimmered for the last time, saying it's last farewells before parting off.

Venti POV

Xiao's hand still against mine, I tighten the grip further. His hands felt fragile, yet so strong. The tenseness from his heart could be felt through the touch of his hands, however he doesn't yearn for sympathy. Glancing over him, he had a soft smile plastered over his face, warming me up.

I decided to take in the last moments of the sun before it went away. When the light ends, the darkness arises. However, darkness isn't eternal, for the light is always to show up again.

There, the once sweetish soul-blush sunset is now a hue of black and blue and the first star, ever so visible, appears.

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