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Week three, day one.

  I woke up in my bunk to the same quick, loud knock at the door. I sat up and stretched, I looked over to see Harry sitting up in his bunk as well.

  "Good morning." Harry smiled at me.

  "Good morning." I smiled back. I climbed down the ladder, after I stepped off the first step I felt Niall grab my hand and pull me in his bed.

  "I'm so tired." He whispered to me as he snuggled up to me. I got comfortable and shut my eyes but as soon as I did so, I felt someone else grab my hand and pull me off the bed making me fall on the floor.

  "Get up." Louis said as he pulled me off the floor.

  "Hey! I was comfy!" Niall said to Louis.

  "I don't care." Louis said back. I walked in the bathroom grabbing my brush off the counter and brushed through my hair. As I walked out of the bathroom, I threw my hair up in a bun.

  "Let's go eat." I said as I finished doing my hair. Zayn , Liam, and Harry were already downstairs so it was just me, Louis, and Niall in the room.

  Niall got out of the bed and put on a shirt, since he was shirtless then the three of us headed downstairs. The dining table was already full so the three of us sat in the bean bag room to eat.

  "Aww, you came to eat with us. So sweet." I said sarcastically as Harry, Liam, and Zayn walked in the bean bag room with a plate full of food. They sat down next to us on the bean bags.

  After we finished eating, I helped Liz and Zoe clean up while the boys were in the room doing god knows what.

"So do you like any of the boys?" Liz nudged my shoulder as I rinsed off a plate.

"What? No." I laughed.

"Are you sure?" Zoe butted in.

"I mean, yeah their cute and all but we are all just friends." I said while handing Liz the now clean plate.

"You know, I overheard the boys talking about-" Liz started but got interrupted by the boys walking in the kitchen. Niall had a football under his arm.

"We are gonna go play some football, while we wait for everyone to get ready, wanna join?" Harry asked me. I looked at the two chefs, kinda asking for permission to go play with them.

"Go ahead." Liz waved off.

"Yeah, we can finish up here." Zoe said also.

"Thank you." I said as I blew a kiss to them and walked outside with the boys.

"Okay, who's on who's team?" Zayn asked while we walked down the steps from the deck to the grass. We all just have blank looks.

"Okay we need team captains." Harry said then started doing "eney meny miny moe" twice. The first time he landed on Louis and the second time he landed on Liam.

  "Rock, papers, scissors to see how gets to pick first." Liam suggested. The two boys did rock, paper, scissors and Louis won best out of three.

  "Jordyn." Louis chose first.

  "No fair, I was gonna chose her." Liam whined, "Niall."

  "Harry." Louis said.

  "Zayn." Liam said next.

  "Do rock, paper, scissors again to see how goes first." I suggested and the two did the game once again with Liam winning this time.

  We started the game, Liam started with the ball which I eventually took from him and scored between two trees that we earlier declared was the goal.

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