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Xiao's POV

I followed Venti, pondering on what he has discovered. When we arrived at the spot, he let go off my hand and crouched down, picking something up. Confused, I decided to speak up,

"Venti? What are you doing?" I asked, hoping to figure out what on Teyvat he is doing.
He then got up, brushing any sand off his clothes. I noticed that he was holding something in his hand, but couldn't quite put on a finger on what it was. He then puts his hand out, revealing the item he has in his hand; a seashell.
"What's the point of this?" I questioned, this was quite obscure to me.
"Doesn't it look beautiful?" he said, looking at me with curious eyes. His eyes reminds me of the ocean; they're deep, glistens and have so much light and stories to them.
"I suppose so," I replied whilst rubbing the back of my neck. I didn't get quite what he means; it's a seashell, an ordinary item on the beach, no more special than the others. Venti always seems to notice such small stuff, attentive to detail. Although I don't get the reason, I wish to see the world through his eyes. Would it be detailed, more vast, more brighter? I hope to get the answers to my questions one day, but for now, I'll cherish the present moment.

Without warning, he holds the seashell close to my ear. I was taken back by the sudden movement.
"What is the meaning of this?" I asked, as peculiar it was to me, I didn't push his arm away.
"Can you hear the ocean?" He said, his eyes sparkled. I reluctantly closed my eyes and focused on my sense of hearing. There I could hear it; the sound of the ocean. I opened my eyes and looked back to Venti, who was looking at me the whole time, smiling.

Venti POV

The moment Xiao opened his eyes, his face was plastered with a look of astonishment. I smiled back at him and held his hand. Everything feature about him was just pleasing to your eyes: his cute nose which I just want to boop, his eyes which I just wanted to stare at and his lips-

I shook my head; I was getting to ahead of myself. I should take things slowly, the Yaksha has been through a lot, plus, there is no need to rush things. The journey is what I strive for, and in the end, this will all be worth it; to see Xiao happy.

I noticed I've been holding Xiao's hand for a while and haven't said a thing, however, he seems to still be amazed by the seashell. I couldn't help but chuckle, he reminded me of a kid.

Xiao's POV

The warmth of Venti's hand faded away and realised he had stop holding my hand. A wave of disappointment overcame me as I wished he was still holding my hand. I looked up to his face, and he had a smirk. This only must have meant trouble.

"Catch me if you can!~" He said, winking as he ran off to absolutely nowhere.
"Wait up!-" I called out to him and ran after him.

After a while, I was able to catch up to him. However, he wasn't mad that I caught him; he was just giggling. I was confused of what this meant; why was he giggling? My thoughts came to a stop when he spoke up again,

"Xiao, this is the perfect spot" he said, now a more serious look then his giggling a few moments ago.
"Perfect spot, what for?" I asked, genuinely confused by what he meant.

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