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Week five, day one.

I woke up in my bunk and I noticed that none of the boys were awake yet. Normally Liam is up at the crack of dawn. I quietly climbed down the ladder, making sure to not wake anyone up. It was freezing so I grabbed the first shirt I saw. I picked it up off the floor and put it on.

I headed downstairs and saw the kitchen was pretty empty. Only Aiden and Katie were there as well as Zoe and Liz who were cooking breakfast.

"Good morning." I say walking in the kitchen.

"Good morning." Everyone answers. I leaned over the counter and grabbed a pancake off the plate.

"Jordyn!" Liz scolded.

"Oooo, blueberry." I say as I take another bite into the pancake. I opened the fridge and grabbed the syrup from off the shelf in the door. I took another bite and instead of chewing it right away, I kept it in my mouth then poured some syrup into my mouth.

"Gross." Aiden laughs. I sit down at the table where Aiden and Katie were, still with the syrup in my hand.

"So where are all your roommates?" Zoe asks.

"Sleeping. They were up all night." I answer then taking another bite and pouring syrup in my mouth.

"Weird, Liam is usually up by now." Zoe shrugs.

"You miss him?" I say sarcastically, "He's not here to help you in the kitchen. I'll replace him."

"You're just gonna eat all the food." Liz says looking up from the counter where she mixing pancake mix.

"I will not." I say dramatically, being sarcastic. I finished off the pancake then walked behind the counter. But as I was about to take over mixing, Liam walks in the room.

"Good, you're here." Liz says then she looks at me, "Now you can go." And pushes me from behind the counter. I laugh as I sit back down at the table with Aiden and Katie.

"Is everyone else still asleep?" I ask Liam.

"Yeah. Did you hear them last night?" He says back.

"Yeah. What were they doing?"

"I don't know, probably something Louis started." Liam rolled his eyes. I turned back to the two people at the table.

"How'd you guys sleep?" I ask them.

"Pretty good." Katie answers.

"Good, you?" Aiden says.

"Ehhh." I say back.

"I have a question." Katie says, sitting up.

"What's your question?" I say, bringing up my left knee and hugging it close to my chest.

"Is it weird rooming with five boys?" She asks.

"Not really, I'm kinda used to it because it's just me and my brother back at home. But I mean doesn't really bother me." I answer.

"Is it weird rooming with a girl?" Katie says, lifting her head up, looking towards Liam in the kitchen. I turned around to look at him too, I saw he was mixing the pancake mix.

"What Jor said. It's not that weird, I have two sisters back at home so I'm used to it. And she really isn't that different us well except she's a girl and all but yeah." Liam answered.

"Were you guys surprised when you got put into the band? Because it's a bit odd to just have a girl with five boys." Aiden said, I turned my head back around and looked at him.

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