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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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January 23rd, 2021:7:30 a.m.

"Be safe babies I love y'all and make sure you tell him I love him" Miss Ann said standing at my car window.

"We love you too and I sure will mama" I said then she kissed my cheek.

"You're so sweet baby God gonna bless you for all the good you do" she said causing me to smile.

"Thank you mama I can't wait, but gone walk to the house so I can make sure you make it in safely" I said looking at her.

"Ok baby" she said then she started making her way to the house.

The reason she's not going is because we don't wanna risk her getting covid or anything because she is 68 but looks 30 but we still don't wanna take any chances.

Giovanni's facility is two hours away from where I stay so that's the reason I'm leaving hours before visitation and I know traffic is gonna be wild because its the weekend and that's when all the celebrities and shit usually come in and tourists.

Loyal and Kairi are currently in their car seats knocked out so I'm finna be up by myself for a couple of hours or maybe the whole trip ion know.

Seeing Miss Ann wave at me I began backing out my parking spot and once she closed the door I left out of the apartment complex parking lot.

Time Skip: 10 a.m.

"Alright, y'all all set she's good and the kids are good take them to the room" the guard said.

It's 10 o'clock on the dot and the kids and I are the first ones here for visitation so we're getting our own private room with t.v.s and things to occupy the kids if they get bored.

They really don't play bout first come first serve because the other folks gone have talk to each other through a glass I'm glad I got here earlier.

"When you get in here no excessive touching you can hold hands and hugs but nothing more than that if you have money and y'all get hungry let us know and we'll bring a menu and no you're not eating what the inmates eat..uhh visitation ends at five o'clock on the dot no exceptions the inmate should be in soon" the lady said causing me to nod my head then the door opened to the room then I stepped inside then the door slammed closed causing me and the kids to jump.

"Dang dats loud" Loyal said mugging the door.

"I know right bestie" Kairi said causing me to smile.

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