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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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April 7th, 2021: 6 p.m.

"I wanna love you in every kind of way I wanna please you no matter how long it takes" I sung as I got outta my car.

Today was my first day back at work and them fake bitches at the shop were ahkeeing about me getting jumped and shit, but I didn't let that shit bother me because while they we're busy laughing I was taking all they clients and made 35 hundred today.

I think it's because everybody got there stimulus checks because they was tipping heavy today, shiiit I can't wait for mine to come so I can put some away then spend the rest on Loyal and Kai.

To be honest I'm ready to get in the tub and soak then get out and reread G's letter then write inside my diary some more then spend the rest of my night with the kids and G because today was stressful day and I all wanna do is relax.

5 minutes later...

Waking inside the house I was hit with this nice aroma and the sound of quietness.

"Hey baby" I said placing the mail down on the counter along with my purse and phone.

"Hey my love, how was work" he asked smiling then he moved the pot off the eye.

"It was ight I made good money, but them bitches was pissing me off" I said then he wrapped his arms around me.

"You home now so go relax I have a bath waiting for you and dinner will be ready soon" he said causing me to smile.

"Thank you baby, and where my kids at" I asked wrapping my arms around him.

"My grandma house they wanted to spend the night since she's finally back I hope that's cool with you" he said looking down at me.

"Yea baby that's cool with me, kiss" I said then I poked my lips out, bending down he kissed my lips three times then I kissed his lips back three times.

"I love you girl" he said smiling big.

"I love you too boo" I said smiling big.

"Gone get in the tub I'll be there in few to check on you" he said unwrapping his arms from around me.

"Ok" I said cheesing then I walked to the counter and grabbed my phone then I made my way to the back.

35 minutes later...

Putting on a pair of G's boxers and one of his shirts I already put my body butter on along with my bonnet and socks and I didn't bother putting on a bra because who wears them bitches in the house.

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