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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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April 9th, 2021: 10 a.m.

April 9th, 2021

Dear diary,

Guess who got fired for no reason at all yesterday? Me bitch! So y'all know how my boss called and said that she wanted to talk after my break or whatever so I was like ok.

I come in on time and knock on her door she tells me to come in and have a seat a seat so I'm like wassup and she was like I had a meeting with all my employees about spots in the shop while you were away and we think it's best if I let you go and I was like what did I do and she was like you missed too many days off blah blah.

But I deadass had a note from the doctor saying that I shouldn't go back to work until that day so I just sat back and stared at her and she what's the real reason I got fired because I'm the most popular person in the shop like everybody comes to me and gets their shit done and she was like I just told you and it's time to give someone else a shot who can come in.

So I just got up and left the office and began packing up all my shit because I know them bitches in the shop had something to do with me getting fired but I wasn't finna act a fool about it I quietly packed up all my acrylic, nail polish that I bought for certain clients, and all the other things I bought and I made sure I left all her things alone then while I was packing up Hailey one of my clients asked where I'm going.

I explained what happened then she started cussing talking bout she dumb she lost her best nail tech then she asked for my personal information because she said she ain't going to nobody else but me so I gave it to her.

Fast forward I finish packing my boxes then Martel wanna say good luck finding a new job so I turned around and said thank you because one thing about me I'm not finna put my energy into a miserable bitch only when necessary and she not even on my level so I guess she was taken back about what I said and started talking shit bout me getting fired and carrying on and I just rolled my eyes because bitches gone talk and talk and be real mad when they see me in my own shit.

Fast forward again I came home and brought all my stuff inside and G was in the living room working out doing curl ups and he asked what was wrong then I just started crying then he got up and hugged me and rubbed my back till I was ready to talk so I explained everything to him and he was just as confused as I was but he reassured me we were gonna be good and get passed this.

Hearing that made me feel better so I wiped my face and shit then we went and go the kids from Miss Ann house and spent the night eating, making slime, and watching movies with them just enjoying life.

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