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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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May 28th, 2021: 7 a.m.

"Look, I'm invested in you and you know it
When you say you love me, that shit get me open
I'm used to niggas that play with my feelings
Tonight I'm gon' fuck you just 'cause you the realest, oh, yeah
I do this shit 'til you tired
You make my body sing like the choir
Ain't no mistakin', you make me feel comfortable naked
And that's why we ain't gotta fake it
Pull up on you with no makeup, just gloss and mascara
You filming me like a trailer
That's what I need on the daily" I sung while I washed my body in the hot steamy shower,

A/N: Song in m/m it's so bomb😮‍💨.

It's crazy how this song really relates to me like I used to be so insecure about my body, but Giovanni helped me embrace it in such a short amount of time and I love him for that.

"No pedal, but you drive me crazy
You got me talking like you when I'm speaking
I call you papi like a Puerto Rican
Fuck all my exes 'cause they weren't deservin' it
You kill this pussy as if you was Persian
That's why I'm locked in
You on my mind like a conscience
I got you regardless
You take away all my problems" I sung while swaying my hips slowly.

"That's how you feel" Giovanni asked in sleepy voice causing me to jump.

"H-hi" I said shyly while looking at him from the outside of the glass shower.

Ugh, really Noelle?? Hi what the fuck?

"What I told you bout that stuttering shit" he asked leaning back on the counter.

"T-take my time collect my thoughts" I said softly.

"Mhm, now go on and you look beautiful by the way" he said smiling causing me to blush.

"Yes that's how I feel and thank you" I said then I turned around and let the water hit my body again.

Moments later I felt the breeze hit the shower so I knew he was entering so my body stiffened up a lil but then it eased when I heard the door shut.

It's crazy how he still makes me nervous and freeze up from time to time like sometimes I really can't believe this man is my boyfriend, my boo thang, my children's father, my protector, my bestie, and my lover all in one like I'm truly blessed to have him in my life.

"Good morning beautiful" he said then he wrapped his arms around me.

"Good morning pookie" I said softly then he started kissing my cheek.

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