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May 28th, 2021: 11 p

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May 28th, 2021: 11 p.m.

"Pound my pussy daddy..uggghh fuck yesss" Noelle moaned as Giovanni moved in and out of her at a now quickened pace.

They were both annoyed by tonight and while they were ranting then one thing led to another and now they having sex.

"You not ready for that baby" Giovanni panted knowing he could possibly hurt her if he pounded inside of her fr.

"Give it to me papi" she said looking at him.

"Ok" he said then he pushed her legs opened and held them down with his two hands then he began pounding inside of her.

"Ouuuu fuck dadddy" she moaned out as her eyes rolled back from the intense amount of pleasure she was receiving.

"Shit ma! This how you wanted daddy to fuck you, hmm" he asked panting while he continued his assault.

He would never get over how tight and wet she was like she stayed gripping his dick and leaving her juices and cream all over his dick.

"YESSSSS" she moaned out clenching around him feeling herself about to cum again for the third time tonight.

"Fuck this pussy so good, mmm shit" he groaned as he now stroked her at a steady pace.

"I-i have to cum daddy" she moaned out while panting then he pulled out.

"Throw it back for me" he panted looking at her.

"Ok" she said softly then she got on all fours and arched her back.

"Yo arch so sexy" he said then he slapped her ass causing her to moan.

"Come on daddy" she said then she reached in between her legs and held her hand out.

"You finna put it in" he asked licking his lips then she grabbed his dick and aligned with her entrance.

"Yesssss fuck" she moaned moving back on him.

"Shit ma, make us nut baby" he groaned feeling her tight walls clench around him.

Moving back on him some more she arched her back even more and began moving back in forth on him causing her ass to jiggle from her movement.

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