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May 29th, 2021: 11 p

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May 29th, 2021: 11 p.m.

"Mmm ride yo dick mamas fuck" Giovanni groaned out sounding sexy as hell.

We been going at for 30 minutes now foreplay lasted a minute because we were kissing and giving one another head so yea now we're having fun.

"This my dick daddy" I asked panting then I put my hands on his chest as I bounced on top of him.

"Yes baby fuck" he groaned softly with furrowed eyebrows.

"Shit daddy you s-so big" I moaned out then I clenched around him.

The way his dick be filling my pussy up makes me wanna take every charge and anything for his ass like he really got that type of dick that makes you go crazy ion see how Milly cheated on him he ain't never leaving me bitch.

"Fuck! Mmm baby kiss me" he moaned out then he slapped my ass.

Leaning down I pressed my lips against his then he wrapped his arms around me and started thrusting inside of me at a fast pace.

"UUH OH MY GOSH" I moaned out feeling myself about to cum.

He was hitting every unknown spot in my body right now and I felt every vein brushing against my wall as he pounded the fuck out of my pussy.

"Shit mamas! You b-bout to cum for daddy hmm" he asked continuing his assault.

"MMMM FUCK" I moaned out.

It was as if my ass went brain dead for a minute because I could hear what he was saying, but I could get my words straight.

"Answer me baby..answer daddy" he said breathing heavy.

"YESSSS" I moaned out climaxing on him then he flipped us over and started fucking me in missionary.

"Fuck mamas this pussy so good" he groaned out looking at me as I held my mouth open in an "O" shape.

I was officially dickmatized this nigga really ain't laying up on me and I love it! I'm one of those shy freaks where they gotta make the first move then I just bust out all the skills but not too many because you don't know if you'll push them away, but the way he fucking me baby I'm finna get his ass back.

"Ouuu I'm finna cum" he groaned out then he pulled out of me and fisted his dick and started jerking himself till he came on my stomach.

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