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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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June 6th, 2021: 12 p.m.

"This scam nigga don't wanna trick (I'on give a fuck)
That don't matter 'cause it don't stop shit (you ain't stoppin' shit)
Uh, bye, movin' right along
New bae from the A and his dick real long (hey bae!)
I fuck him good, move a bitch to Calabasas (oww)
Bugatti JT, I make him cum the fastest (vroom)" I rapped while straightening my hair then I bent over and started twerking.

A bitch was finally off and in a good mood.

"Get yo ass up" G said causing me to fall on the floor.

"Pooookie stop sneaking up on me" I said mugging him while sitting on the floor.

"I'm sorry booty, but you look mad beautiful" he said smiling then he helped me off the ground.

"Thank you pookie" I said smiling big.

"So I checked the mailbox" he said cheesing.

"Ok? Why you smiling big" I asked placing my flat iron down.

"I got a letter from the judge" he said smiling.

"Just spit it out pookie my anxiety" I said looking at him.

"I'm free baby I can do whatever now..read it" he said cheesing then he handed me the paper then I started reading.

"OH MY GOSH BABY YOU FR" I said then I hugged him tight.

"Yea mamas I'm so fr so we sliding to the club together" he said causing me to smile big.

"Yo I'm crying I'm so happy pookie" I said then he picked me up and sat me down on the counter.

"Stop crying booty I just wanna thank you for being there for me and not leaving me that means so much to me I love you forever" he said then he kissed me passionately then after awhile I pulled away.

"I love you forever too, and of course not when we touched hands in visitation I knew it was something special about you" I said smiling at him then I kissed him.

"I beat the fuck outta my dick the next day when y'all had left" he said causing me to bust out laughing.

"My baby is freeee oh my gosh we finna turn up tonight" I said cheesing.

"The boys coming down this evening too so it's finna be a movie" he said smiling big.

"Ouuuu you finna give me some henny dick tonight, I'm officially off" I said smiling at him.

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