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June 7th, 2021: 12 a

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June 7th, 2021: 12 a.m.

"Booty you better step mamas" Giovanni said slapping my ass as we walked to the club entrance.

"It's moving" I asked looking back at him.

"Yes ma'am I can't wait to slide my tongue all in it" he said smirking causing me to blush.

"Stop being nasty, but Zoie said everybody up there and this line mad long" I said then he wrapped his arms around me.

"I know the owner we aint staying out here" he said then he walked to the front of the line.

"Name" Security asked with his arms folded.

"Ghost" Giovanni said then security face soften.

"C-come in" Security said lifting the rope then G let me walk in front of him.

"Ouuu ok daddy I see you" I said looking back at him with a big smile.

"I love how you don't judge my past life" he said smiling then he kissed my lips twice.

"I would never I love everything about you pookie" I said then someone almost bumped into me.

"Watch where you going bitch" G snapped then he wrapped his arms around me securely and started walking to the private section we had downstairs with the others.

"Daddy don't bout me purrr" I said then he started laughing.

"On crip I don't I'll smile in my mugshot bout you chu" he said then he kissed my cheek.

"Stop before we fuck on the dance floor fr" I said then he busted out laughing.

"Ok mamas" he said then we approached the others.

"Hey y'all" I said waving.

"I know that ain't quiet old Noelle" Ari said smiling at me.

"Yes it's me, but this my man Ghost ion play bout him and if y'all don't want y'all asses best I suggest y'all leave him alone" I said smiling then they nodded their heads.

"You drinking with me" G whispered in my ear.

"Yes" I said looking back at him.

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