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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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June 12th, 2021: 10 a.m.

June 12th, 2021

Dear Diary,

Y'all me and my baby finally own our shops bitch and know we're looking for a team to remodel them for us like in less than a few months we already surpassing our goals like if I'm being honest I never knew this porn shit was even gonna blow up but hey I guess the good man up above other plans for us.

I haven't told my bestie yet about us doing videos of us buying the shop and we're gonna keep it that way because what if one of our friends watch our videos and they like show us one day bitch I would just quietly pack my things and leave.

Anyways, so our money dropped in our accounts yadada we now own both buildings signed in our names purr our first thing we own shit is crazy I can't wait to built a house though from the ground up with him.

Giovanni is really my soulmate and I'm so thankful for him and so blessed to have him even though he's been acting distant lately.. I really hope he's not cheating on me or anything and it's just something he's not ready to tell me yet.

Hypothetically speaking if G was to cheat on me I would give Kai my number and give him Loyal's then tell move across the country somewhere because I'd be officially broken like G is my heart literally besides my kids and Zoie like I would deadass go to war with any bitch or nigga behind him.

I guess imma just ask him when he wakes up because he did come home late last night and he thought I was sleep but I saw him fold a piece of paper then infuse his drawer.

I know it doesn't seem like we have the kids a lot or spend time with them but we do we spend so much time with them we really love snd cherish our kids purrrd.

Since G got home late last night I took them to daycare and got them ready for today while he slept which I had no problem with because the kids and I were singing all kind of shit on the way to daycare just enjoying one another.

I can not wait till start construction and remodeling our buildings like our dreams are finally coming true and all we had to do was wait and then boom he sends the letter to the wrong address like look at God, but until next time y'all.

Love, Noelle.

Closing my new diary I placed it inside my drawer were my other one was because I had just started documenting shit a couple months ago so yea I'm hoping to have a lot of them one day and just go back and read them and get all the memories and shit.

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