~Chapter 4~

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"Sorry..." Kyo mumbled under his breath. The way he spoke was quiet, and unlike him. Not wanting to show him your vulnerable side once again, you nod, accepting his apology, and continue on with your business.

Trying to break the awkward tension between the two of you, you open your mouth, ready to speak. 

"Want to go on a date?" you question, realizing it didn't sound as good as it did in your head. Your face flushes as you wait for Kyo to respond. 

"I've told you already..." he begins, not sure whether his response will hurt you or not. His pause, and hesitancy was nothing like his usual self, he would always reject you right away. And even if he was going to indulge your requests, they wouldn't mean anything to him. 

Kyo didn't want to lead you on. He didn't want to inflict more pain on you than he already had. But that was all he could do, to keep you at bay. He wasn't completely oblivious, which was a surprise to all, but overall, you didn't try to make your feelings a secret, and that's how he knew. He knew that you loved him, that you would do anything for him. But things like that scared him. Love, scared him. 

He notices the way you look at him when you walk home together. He notices the way you get quite when Yuki and Tohru join the two of you. He see's the way you say goodbye when it's your stop. He see's it all. But you never noticed when he would look back at you when you walked away. You never noticed when he would stare at you. 

Kyo sighed. He had finally made a decision. He was going to do something he wanted for once. 

"Yeah, let's go on a date." he said, scratching the back of his head. He may have wanted this but, he was still unsure if he was doing the right thing or not. 

The second the words he had said resonated in your mind, your face lit up. Not wanting to show too much emotion, thinking it might make him change his mind, you just mumbled a little "okay". 

"But not today." Kyo continued on. Disappointment growing on your face, but you could understand why he said that. It was late at night, and it was raining. That would not be a good day to go out on a date. 

You quickly turned to face Kyo, letting out a big smile. You were glad that he had finally agreed to go out with you, but you weren't sure if he truly wanted to, or was just annoyed by you asking over and over again, so he agreed, hoping it would stop. 

He had Tohru, after all. The smile quickly faded, as you walked back into your father's room. Motioning for Kyo to follow. 

"You can stay here tonight, if your okay sleeping in my father's room." you stated, as you pat the pillow. 

He nodded, as he sat down on one of the corners of the bed. 

"Now get out! I'm tired." he said as he yawned. 

"Tell me if you need anything." you yelled to him as you walked out of the room, into your own. 

Laying back down on your futon, the fact that Kyo was really sleeping over started to hit you. 

Your brain started running back and fourth with worry. About the tiniest things. Like, What if I scream in my sleep? Or there's a super loud fart? What if he comes in here and i'm drooling? Oh god, I don't even want to imagine it. 

All that worrying caused your body to grow tired once again. The little nap from before started to wear off. Your eyelids began to flicker. Opening and closing over and over. 

Sometimes, you were afraid to fall asleep. It's not like you were scared of the dark or anything. It was just, you thought you might fall asleep, and never wake up again. But that's not always a bad thing, is it? 

Finally, you had fallen completely asleep. The light of the moon shone through the thin curtains, lighting up your room. The cold breeze flew through the cracks in your old windows, causing you to shift around your futon's blanket in coldness.

It was time. 

Time for a banquet.

To be continued...

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