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June 18th, 2021: 3 a

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June 18th, 2021: 3 a.m.

"Baby you got everything the uber almost here" G asked causing me to nod my head.

"You got the iPad in your carryon bag, right" I asked fixing my bonnet.

"Yea and I got our laptops and chargers" he said then I nodded my head.

"Masks" I said then I opened the drawer by the front door and grabbed a handful of disposable masks.

"I be forgetting bout these bitches" he said then I handed him one and put one on myself then I put the rest inside my purse.

"Shit me too" I said then I looked down at my hand and cheesed.

I'm a whole fiancé I can't believe like this was deadass so unexpected and I guess that's what made me love the proposal even more it was all Giovanni and I loved that.

"Still can't believe it, huh" he asked kissing my hand.

"Nah I can't I'm whole fiancé pookie" I said looking at him.

"Yea you my beautiful, freaky, hardworking, and loving fiancé" he said then he kissed my lips twice causing me to blush.

"Stop it papa we just took a shower" I said then he started laughing.

"For now, but the uber outside let's roll booty" he said then he unlocked the front door and opened it for me then I walked outside while rolling my luggage.

"Don't forget the alarm" I said then he started typing in the code.

"It's set" he said then he walked outside with his luggage then he closed and locked the front door behind him.

"You got my headphones" I asked looking back at him.

"Yea, I knew you would ask" he said causing me to smile.

"Thank you pookie bear" I said then he grabbed my hand then we started walking down the driveway.

"You welcome booty" he said then he opened the back door for me.

Two hours later...

"This my first time flying first class we gotta lil door for privacy and shit" G said closing the door.

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