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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙...


I'll be back later this week or next so enjoy the update💫.

I'll be back later this week or next so enjoy the update💫

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June 18th, 2021: 10 p.m.

A/N: Didn't feel like finding gifs👩🏾‍💻.

"Mmm" I groaned softly while she licked all over my dick like a lollipop.

"Just kill me already" Smoky said through his gritted teeth.

"Daddy said no" Noelle said smiling then she stuffed my dick inside her mouth.

"Fuck mamas" I groaned putting my hand on her head then I used the other one to lift my shirt up.

Nigga wanna fuck my girl so bad so why not show him why one of the reasons she in love with a nigga.

"Let me go" he said trying to move around in his chair then Noelle popped me out of her mouth and started stroking.

"Shut up my daddy don't like allat talking he like to hear me work my magic" she said looking her eyes.

"Keep going" I said looking down at her.

"Yes sir" she said putting me back inside her mouth then I started moving her head at my desired pace while she held onto my balls.

"This who you want? The woman that be having my dick and balls all in her mouth" I asked looking over at him.

If looks could kill my ass would be dead, but lmao they can't.

"Mmm" Noelle moaned on me causing me to look down at her and smirk.

My baby was really something else and I loved how down she was like my baby nasty just like me and I love it.

"Fuck you nigga lemme go" he said through his gritted teeth.

"The show just getting started" I said then I pulled Noelle's head off of me.

"Get up baby and take yo coat" I said then she poked her lip out.

"Talk yo me why ya lip out" I asked helping her up to her feet.

"You didn't nut in my mouth" she said looking at up me.

"Let me do it" Smoky said then Noelle rolled her eyes.

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