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June 25, 2021: 6:30 p

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June 25, 2021: 6:30 p.m.

"Come on kids let's go to the arcade" Ari said rolling on the rink then she grabbed Kai and Loyal's hand then Bagg followed her with Yoshon.

"Man what girl damn? You stay following us" Noelle asked then I got behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Can I speak with the two of you" the officer asked.

"For fucking what" I asked mugging him.

"Uhh.." he started.

"I'm finna beat yo ass these bootleg robo cops" Noelle said taking off her skates.

"I would run if I was you I never seen nobody get out of skates that fast" Bully said inside the mic the I saw Noelle dart across the room and tackle Millie on the ground and I causally rolled over there and watched.

"Touch her I dare you and gone laid out on this floor" I said looking at the bootlegged officer then he touched her so I rolled over to him and jaw him right in his shit causing the others to gasp.

"He gone be sleep for awhile help us boy out"

"You better stomp that hoe bestie right in the face just like she did when they jumped you" Zoie said the Noelle got up and started stomping on her face.

"Tired of yo dumbass next time imma just shoot you in yo shit" Noelle said then she kicked Millie in the head.

"GOOOOAAAL" I called out causing everybody to bust out laughing then I took off my skates.

"G-giovanni" Mille groaned causing me to ball my face up.

"Fuck you calling my name for I'm here to check on my wife hoe" I said picking Noelle up.

"Lemme go Giovanni" she said then I pushed her up against the well.

"It's pookie, bae, daddy, papi, or baby now is you good, do you need me to take off yo nails, and whoever behind me got five seconds to back the fuck up with that booda ass pocket knife" I said then I turned around and took the knife from him and put it in his arm.

"Bitch" I mumbled while he screamed like a bitch.

"Nothing to call the cops about that's just normal Harlem behavior" Bully said into the mic.

"Lemme get her" she said then I put her down then she started checking her pockets the grabbed a phone and started typing on it.

"Pookie we gotta go she got some niggas outside the house" she said showing me her phone.

"And all them bitches finna die, Bull call a code blue since niggas wanna play" I said the he nodded his head.

"Let's go baby" I said slipping on my slides then she slipped on mine.

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