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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

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July 1st, 2021: 12 p.m.

"Pookie let's update this chart" I said sitting on the empty living room floor of our new apartment.

This our second day here and we've just been putting away our clothes and shoes literally nothing was salvageable from the house not even the dishes or the kids toys everything was fucked up except our clothes.

I'm glad we got our family pictures and stuff saved because I want to hang them up around the house again and make everything pretty since this gonna take awhile and we don't want the kids sleeping on the floor or anything they staying with unctie Zoie until we get their rooms and things situated.

"Coming" he said coming round the corner looking sexy as hell.

It's been days since we've had sex and I swear I'm ready to pop this pussy for this nigga in this empty apartment.

"You so handsome pookie" I said smiling big.

"No I don't I need to get an edge my shit growing out and I need to get this patchy ass beard line up too" he said then he sat behind me leaving me to sit in between his legs.

"Be quiet you still look sexy as hell" I said unlocking the iPad.

"Well thank you booty you look sexy as hell too" he said wrapping his arms around me.

"Thank you pookie, but you got the receipts totals written down" I asked then he handed me his phone.

"Yup, and we didn't even touch our savings I withdrew from the checking account" he said causing me to smile.

"Purr but we spent a total of 12,375 dollars and that's with the down payment included so that's good" I said smiling while subtracting from the checking account then I put the up to date number in there.

"Shit that's not bad but we gotta pay the rent and daycare fee tomorrow" he said causing me to nod my head.

"Bet, and the kids new daycare is 250 a month since it's a lil bougie and we gotta get tvs and stuff for the cable but they already gave us a price it's gone be 100 since I did the wifi and cable bundle deal" I said replacing the numbers then I recalculated everything making sure to subtract the rent and daycare fees from our checking account.

"Damn, we doing good but we most definitely gone have to transfer some money into our checking account today because we finna go furniture shopping and get some food because I'm tired of take out and other household items" he said then I leaned back on him.

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