~Chapter 6~

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"I'm so sorry he troubled you!" Tohru said. 

The sudden tickle in your throat caused you to cough, but before it happened in her face, your arm covered your mouth. 

"It's fine! It was no trouble at all!" you say as you let out your best fake smile. 

You didn't hate Tohru. In truth, you were actually quite fond of her. But today was just one of those days. The pain in your head, the nausea you were feeling, and even the slight dizziness your eyes witnessed, it all contributed to your bad mood, and Kyo and Tohru's "flirting" just made everything worse.  

But you held it in. Like you always did. 

"Would you like to come inside for tea?" Tohru questions, tilting her head to the side. Her brown hair falling off of her shoulder. 

"N-no! It's fine... I've got to get home anyways..." you trailed off. 

Your brain couldn't seem to concentrate anymore. The sounds around you, the cold wind, everything, it all seemed to slowly fade. Your vision continued to blur more. The image of Kyo and Tohru running up to you was all that remained. 

That was that. You might've not been able to decipher what was happening at first, but you didn't need to. 

All you wanted to do was close your eyes.

And never open the again.

But was that too much to ask for?

Was what you truly wished for so much?

Maybe, just maybe, everything you ever wanted, and or wished for was to much. 

You knew you didn't deserve half of it. 

And you knew, you would never. 

You just wanted to prove your worth, to be wanted. 

But that was too much to as for, just the same. 

Even more so, than the rest, all you wanted was someone to talk to. Someone you could show your suffering to. Someone who would understand what you were going through. Someone who would hug you tightly when you thought of yourself. When you said you weren't worthy of the life you were given.

Someone who would be there for you. 

Someone who would let you cry in their shoulder. 

But you don't always get what you want. 

You just wanted to be no one. 


The bright lights that were on the ceiling shone in your eyes. Your nose was stuffy, so you had to breath out of your mouth, but it didn't help much. 

You could feel the sweat dripping down your face, and the cold patch that had been recently placed on your forehead. 

As you tried to lift your head, the orange haired boy revealed him self, a look of utter worry on his face. 

You tried to comfort him. You tried to tell him everything was fine, that you were fine.

Then Tohru came running in. She had a small cup full with boiling water, and a little bowl of what seemed to be rice porridge. She hurried over to you, setting the food and water on the dresser. 

She changed your cold pack. She reminded you so much of your mother, from what you could remember of her. The way she concentrated so hard on the cold pack. They weren't very pleasant memories, but still, Tohru gave you a sense of nostalgia. 

And all you could do was stare at her, as she did everything for you. She sat you up, placed the bowl of rice porridge in your hand, and made sure you took a good sip of the warm water. 

It was all to much. The way you would put the spoon in your mouth. The way you didn't even flinch from the heat. Your mind was just filled with to many memories for you to concentrate on your senses. 

It was sudden, but, the tears started streaming from your face. They fell all over the place, never stopping. 

You weren't always the best when it came to talking about your emotions, or comforting other people. 

And pain and sadness were the two emotions you couldn't handle the most. 

The two of them looked at you in utter confusion, wondering what they did to make you cry.

All they could do was try to comfort you, and that's what Tohru did. She sat on the bed, next to you, and wrapped her arms around you. Trying to tell you it was okay. 

The way she held you, calmed you down. The way she whispered in your ear, telling you it was alright. It was all so, soothing. 


"Y/n!" A little girl, dressed as a boy, yelled to you.

She seemed so unfamiliar, yet, she wasn't.

It was like you had known her all your life. 

"I'm coming!" your body said, as if it was an instinct. You didn't know who she was, but your body compelled you to follow. You noticed the way your legs moved, and how small your hands were. 

This wasn't you. This wasn't your body. 

But it was. It was your body. Just a younger version, it was you as a child. 

You continued to run towards the girl, as she continued to bark orders at you. Your little legs, going as fast as they could. Your small voice, yelling as loud as you could. 

You couldn't tell if this was a dream, or a reality. But the fact was, it didn't matter. Your body did what it was told, not even thinking twice. 

You had no control over yourself. 

Absolutely none...

To be continued...

(okay tbh this chapter is bad but i hope u enjoy it anyways. <3)

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