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July 13th, 2021: 6 p

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July 13th, 2021: 6 p.m.

"Hi welcome to Le Bernardin do you guys have reservations" the receptionist asked sounding all professional.

"Yes under the Brewster party" I said with my fingers intertwined with Noelle.

"Ok your party is waiting on you guys follow me" she said grabbing two menus then we folded behind her.

"You look so beautiful baby" I said smiling down at Noelle.

"Thank you pookie you look handsome too" she said smiling causing me to smile.

"That booty getting fatter too" I whispered in her ear causing her to laugh.

"C'mere..It's the dick and you I got a lot of happy weight" she said looking at me then I bent down then she whispered in my ear.

"As you should and don't get me all big headed girl" I said smiling causing her to laugh.

"On that topic you can get all big headed because that dick ain't none to play bout, on crip" she said causing me to laugh.

"Bye I love you" I said kissing her forehead.

"I love you too" she said smiling big.

"Here's your table" she said placing the menus.

"Giovanni nigga I fucking missed you yo" Gianni said causing me to smile big.

"Man get yo ass up" I said then he got up then I hugged him.

"I missed you so much" I said softly.

"I missed you too" he said then I pushed him off me.

"Thought I fucked with yo ass like that" I said laughing then he started laughing.

"Man nigga you always been like this you know you love me" he said causing me to laugh.

"Anyways, this is my fiancé Noelle" I said smiling big introducing my baby then I saw parents raise their eyebrows in the corner of my eye.

"Nice to meet you Gianni" she said smiling.

"Ouuu not fiancé I see you nigga, but it's nice to meet you too Noelle you hug" he asked looking at her.

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