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November 29, 2021: 6:15 a.m.

"Booty it's time to get up" I said yawning then I got out the bed.

"I'm up" she mumbled then I walked to her side of the bed.

"Good morning baby" I said then I bent down and kissed her.

"Good morning pookie" she said then she sat up in the bed then she pushed the covers off her.

"Damn yo sexy ass" I said smiling looking at her bare body.

"Unt unt no no my legs still hurt from last night" she said causing me to laugh then I helped her up out of the bed.

"Stop eating my shit, but good morning Novani" I said then I bent down and kissed her belly.

"I gotta pee" she said then she started waddling to the bathroom.

"That ass getting fatter ma where's my thank you for making it so big" I asked walking behind her then she sat down on the toilet.

"Up my pussy" she said looking at me then she started peeing.

"Lemme get it out" I said then she started laughing.

"I'm just playing thank you daddy, but I wanna blueberry bagel and some waffles" she said looking at me.

"Bet, I'm finna make us all some to eat" I said then I kissed her.

"I love yoooooouuu" she dragged out smiling.

"And I love yoooooouuuuu" I said cheesing then I walked out the bathroom.

30 minutes later...

"Me don't wanna wear those I wanna wear slippas" Kai said folding her arms.

"Sissy why you gotta attitude" Loyal asked mugging her then he bent down and tied his shoes.

"Cause it's mad early" she said sucking her teeth causing me to laugh.

"Hmm put on yo stank ass slippas" I said taking off her forces then I grabbed her Nike slippas.

"I'm telling mommy you cussing" she said mugging me.

"Go head" I said shrugging.

Ha and Noelle be having the funkiest attitudes I swear, but I can't even get mad they my babies.

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