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April 5th, 2022: 6 a

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April 5th, 2022: 6 a.m.

April 5th, 2022

Dear diary,

Y'ALL, today is me and Giovanni's one year anniversary!! Can you believe it?? I've been with this man for a whole year and we have forever to go.

I'm so in love and so happy with my life right now four kids including Blu, a fiancé who loves me inside and out, successful businesses, and we're in the process of building our forever home life is amazing.

Anyways, today is all about Giovanni and I so Zoie and Gianni has the kids while we spend the day together.

I got cleared to have sex the other day and Giovanni still doesn't know so later on imma surprise him and put on a cute lingerie set I bought.

I still have my mom body, but I don't give a fuck I feel good and look good as well and my man genuinely loves my body so imma put on my lingerie set and get fucked, but I did loose a couple of pounds because these workout Giovanni have me doing make me wanna go cross this nigga head.

Got me running miles on the treadmill, lifting weights, and doing all kinds of other shit I'm this close to ordering me some of that Keyshia Ka'oir detox tea and loose like 19 pounds in a week just by shitting.

Anyways, while Giovanni sleeps I'm finna wax myself so I can be nice and smooth for him tonight.

Until next time.

Love, Noelle.

Closing my diary I placed it on top of my nightstand then I tried to move Giovanni's hands from around me but he tightened his grip.

"Where you going" he asked in his sleepy voice causing the hairs on my body to stand up.

"Bathroom" I said then he opened his eyes.

"Happy one year anniversary Booty I love you so much, and I know you don't gotta pee so what you going in there for" he said causing me to cheese.

"Happy one year anniversary Pookie I love you so much too, and I'm about to give myself a wax all over you can go back to sleep" I said then he sat up and stretched.

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