~Chapter 9~

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"And these little rascals are, Hina and Mikai. Their twins!" your father says, as Hina hid behind on of his legs. She seemed scared of you. And that didn't surprise you. You had never met before. 

You tried your best to stay happy, or to at least look happy in some way possible. But this new "family" that had been suddenly thrust-ed onto you was making your brain stress more than you wanted it to. 

You waved at the little kids, and mouthed to your father, "When were you going to tell me about, well, THIS?" 

The anger that you didn't think was there started to show. Your blood seemed to boil, and all you could think about now was the fact your own father didn't tell you he had a new wife and children. He couldn't just send you an email? He couldn't call you on the phone and spare you a few minutes?

He didn't even think to tell you when he had come home that one time. 

What was up with that?

Was your feelings and opinions so unimportant to him?

Were you that meaningless? 

You had so many questions, like, "How did this happen?" and "Were you ever going to tell me?" but the anger and pure sadness you felt in your heart stopped you from even speaking. Why couldn't he just explain to you what had happened whilst you were not with him. You were his daughter! And he couldn't even do that much. 

Explanations from your father, were always too much to ask for. 

All you wanted to do in those moments that were slowly passing by was run into your room and slam the door. You wanted to lock the door, and fall to the floor and scream into one of your pillows. 

You had to keep calm. You had to mask your emotions, like always. 

You quickly stuck out your hand and opened your mouth, ready to say something. At first no words came out, and your tongue felt dry, but you couldn't just stick out your hand and say nothing.

"Nice to meet you. I'm y/n!" the women shook your hand and once she released it, you patted both of the children's heads. No doubt, the interactions you had with everyone were awkward.

"I...um...just got back from a friends house, so would you mind if I freshened up, really quickly?" you ask your father. He gives you a quick nod. You quickly run to the bathroom and close the door. It took everything you had not to slam that door, not to break the door knob. 

You walked up to the sink and turned on the cold water. Lowering your head enough so you could splash some water on it. The water trickled down your face and onto your shirt. 

"I just...want to go back to sleep." you whispered to yourself.  Rubbing your eyes, you walked out of the bathroom.

"Would you like to join us for dinner?" Yumi questioned as she started to set up the table.

"No, I already ate..." you said as you shook your head no. She smiled and turned back around to continue working on the table. As you walked up to your room, your phone started to buzz. But you just ignored it. 

Once you had completely entered the room, you laid down on your futon, looking up at the ceiling of your room. Your phone suddenly started to buzz again, but like before you ignored it. Over and over again. Until you had gotten sick of the buzzing. You took your phone out of your pocket and looked at who was calling you. 

And of course, it had to be Kyo. 

You really didn't want to pick up the phone call, but you had too. You could never say no to Kyo. It just seemed impossible for you. 

"What is it?" you asked the second you answered the phone call. 

"I was just calling to see if you got home okay..." he started. 

"Yeah! I'm fine, I was actually just about to go to sleep...so do you mind..?" 

"Okay...But make sure you eat something. I mean, you haven't eaten anything since you passed out the second time. And I can't have you getting sick on me again, that would just be a burden." You couldn't see it, but, Kyo was blushing, he didn't mean to say the words he said in the way they came out. He had just wanted to make sure you were okay, and that he would get to see you tomorrow at school. But as always, his brain twisted what he mean't to say into something he didn't want to come out of his mouth. 

"Okay..Bye then." you said, the words he said seemed to stab into your heart. 


You were happy he called you, and kept calling you until you picked up. But, did he really have to say it that way? Was you being sick too much of a burden for him? Were you just a burden to everyone? 

It hurt.

So goddamn much...

To be continued...

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