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December 25th, 2022: 6 a

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December 25th, 2022: 6 a.m.

"Baby get up" I said kissing Noelle all over her face.

I woke up with a wood and I need her help, but she act like she can't get up and she better be in the giving mood because it's Christmas.

"Hmm pookie" she asked turning her head to the side.

"I got a wood I need help" I said pressing against her booty then I started kissing on her neck.

"I'm on my period pookie" she said then I shrugged.

"Ok? I can't get none" I asked rubbing her thigh.

"I'm on my heaviest day baby so no that's nasty maybe if I was lighter yes, but lemme go shower and stuff then I can give you some head and a lil hand job thatll work" she asked causing me to nod.

"Yes, and Merry Christmas booty" I said smiling big.

"Merry Christmas pookie bear" she said then she kissed me passionately then she got out the bed.

20 minutes later...

"Damn pookie you so big" she said stroking my piece then she spit on my tip then she started rubbing into my length.

"Shit" I groaned putting my hands behind my head.

"Mm" she moaned looking at me grow inside her hands then she wrapped her mouth around me and started bobbing her head on me.

"Ouuu fuuuck" I moaned looking down at her.

I swear booty the best at this head shit she be having my ass squirming and shit and moaning all loud but ion even be caring she be sucking everything out a nigga body.

Putting my hand on her head she started downing my dick putting all of me inside of her mouth not missing nothing then she would come back up like it was nothing ion know how her ass be doing that shit because my shit not small at all it's long and thick.

"Ugh fuck baby suck that shit" I groaned then she grabbed my balls with her hand causing my breathing to increase and me to sit up.

"Uhhh Nooeeeellle" I moaned out pumping my seed into her mouth then I laid back in the bed breathing heavy and shit.

"Mhm you taste so good daddy" she said then she kissed me.

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