Chapter 1~In The Sea

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~3rd person POV~

It all started when they were children. The classic cliché start to every love story. This love story is no exception, however, this love story is unique as every story claims to be. Remi and Milo were best friend's right away. Remi was the type of girl who would jump into a burning building just to be sure nobody was inside even if the whole word was warning her not to. She always put others before herself. Remi wasn't shy or quiet. The room could be silent, and Remi would sing loudly to let them know she was there.

Milo, however, wasn't as outspoken or as brave as Remi. He had put up walls so high Remi had to bring climbing gear in order to get it. She might have been persistent, but so was he. During the fire he would hold the building up no matter how burnt he would get it if was to protect Remi. If Remi wanted to be heard he would bring a speaker.

The two were as different as night and day, but went together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Throughout the years friendship turned into attraction, but the two were too blinded by their pride to admit to feeling more that admiration for each other. Remi was never the type to hide her feelings from anyone, but when it came to how she felt towards Milo she couldn't seem to figure out how to tell him. Nor could she work up the courage to explain it.

The first time their feelings were tested was when they were in their freshman year. Neither Remi or Milo had ever been in an actual relationship. Not because they didn't want one, but they just couldn't seem to find the right person. It was around Valentines day when secret admirers would leave notes in boys lockers asking them to turnabout. Normally these notes would have return addresses for the boy's response, but they were not typical addresses. They were meeting spots. The girls would leave the notes in the lockers and the next day they would wait in the designated area for the boy to show up.

Milo had received his first invite in the morning asking him to meet the girl by the waterfountain. This was from Remi as she figured it would make sense for the two to go together as they were best friends. They had been meeting there every morning to walk to classes anyway Remi thought Milo would figure it out. He never did. So later when he received his second invite asking him to meet by the girls locker room. He chose that as there was a girl in his gym class that he had been talking to for awhile. Because the letters were anonymous Remi tried not to be jealous, and instead asked another boy.

Remi did not end up going to the dance. Every boy she asked met with another girl and she refused to tell Milo about her invite to him in fear it would ruin their relationship. Instead of going alone she chose to attend the Friday night bingo bash with her grandparents. She was in bed by nine.

Milo however attended with the girl from his gym class. They got matching pink attire, he bought her flowers, and gave her earrings that matched her light pink dress. He was ecstatic, but couldn't push away the feeling of something missing. It was as if there was a missing link even though he had done everything Remi reminded him to. Throughout the night he pushed the feeling back, but it never fully went away. That night he had his first kiss and stayed out until one in the morning.

The following week Remi waited for Milo at the water fountain, but he didn't come. He walked the girl to class instead of Remi, and after awhile Remi just stopped showing up. Remi was replaced with the girl and Milo was replaced with a kitten her grandmother's friend gave her after they talked at bingo night. It would be two months before Milo came back up to the surface after the girl broke up with him. Milo never told Remi the reason in high school.

Remi was angry for some time, but after a little bit of pushing Milo found his way back inside. They met at the fountains and walked to classes. Once again they were inseparable. It was different this time. They were back to being best friends. Best friend's that stole glances from across the room and held eye contact for more than a few seconds.

The year would go on and both Remi and Milo held their tongues. They wouldn't speak about the girl, why it ended, or how they felt about it. It was as if nothing had happened. There was however a looming feeling of comfort whenever the two were together. This time it was different. When they would look into each others eyes there was a pull that kept them from looking away. Even when they would both Remi and Milo found themselves sneaking looks from across the room or searching for each other when they would enter a room.

This went on until the end of the school year. Their freshman year ended but the feeling did not.  Throughout the summer the two would continue to push back feelings. It wasn't until the fourth of July the next revelation would occur.

The funny thing about Milo and Remi was that they denied their feelings for the entire year. Remi decided she had enough of it though. She kissed him on the fourth of July. Right after the fireworks ended. Milo did not kiss back.

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