-New life in Paris- Chapter Two

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Alice is already in Paris and she has a new life there with her parents.

After 9 years later

Alice is already 15 years old, her parents plan that Alice will be schooled in a private school, and also Alice heard what her parents talking about and Alice is so very excited for the opening school year.

(At Alice's Room)

Her mother goes to Alice's room and talks to her, Alice? Mrs.Xia said, Yes mom what is it? Alice said, now me and your dad plan that you are going to Maxwell University Private school but make sure your safe there don't be stay bullied ok? Mrs.Xia said, Am yes mom I will Alice said.

Now in High School days

(Maxwell University Private School)

Alice is a new student in their school, Alice is very shy toward old students.

Am hi your Alice Tong right? Sara said, Am yeah I'm the new student here Alice said, am by the way I'm Sara and Sara introduced herself, oh what a nice name, and by the way nice to meet you hehe, Sara is the first friend of Alice here in the Maxwell Private School.

(Classroom A-2)

Now Alice and Sara go to their classroom,
Alice finds where she will sit, Leo was staring at Alice and he blushes Alice finally find where she will sit, the bell was ring now, all student go back to their classroom.

Ms.Zoe is the Advisor of Alice, Ms.Zoe tell the student that they will introduce their self
Sara is the first to introduce herself, Sara is not very shy to introduce herself and she's so friendly.

Alice is the next person introduce herself, Am hi everyone I'm Alice Tong I'm 15 years old,
Leo smiled at Alice but Alice feel his jerking and her, Alice never likes Leo because he is so weird and annoying.

(In the Rooftop)

On the next day, Alice walked alone go to the rooftop and she going study there alone and breathe some fresh air, Leo saw Alice she's reading books and study her lesson.

Am hi Alice what are doing here? Are you studying for your lesson? Leo said, am I yes Leo and what are you doing here? Alice said, will nothing I only what to talk with you I'm kinda bored today cause I know later our lesson is bored Leo said, oh really are you bored hahaha Alice said to Leo and will I go to the restroom so bye Leo, Leo is alone again.

Alice never goes to the restroom she only tries to stay away from Leo because he annoyed her.

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