-Chapter Four-

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Alice is already graduated from Maxwell University Private School, from now on she finding what company she going to work for.

One time the Heiro Family want that Leo has a wife now cause he will turn CEO in their company.

Alice has been rejected by other companies she gets into, but Alice never gives up on finding where she works.

Alice's parents have been worried because maybe Alice cannot have work now.

Leo Heiro remembers Alice again, Leo tells his parents maybe Alice will be his wife.

Leo's father call the Tong family, Mr.Shaun Tong accept the telephone, Hello Mr. Tong I'm Mr.Kevin Heiro I'm the father of Leo Heiro, Am hello to Mr.Kevin and why did you call me?
, well I want that you and your wife will go here to my house tomorrow Mr.Kevin said, am ok Mr.Heiro but what time me and my wife go there? Mr.Shaun said I think 8 o clock in the morning, and Mr.Shaun and Mr.Kevin are done calling each other.

The next morning at Heiro House

(Heiro House)

Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Tong welcome here,
Thank you for letting us in Mr. and Mrs. Heiro,
By the way, take a sit here, so they start talking,
So what we will talk too? Mr.Kevin said,
will my son is turning CEO and I want him he will have a wife but Leo said he wants your daughter to be his wife and that he said and if you agreed about this we will have you 50 million if you accept it!
Mr. and Mrs. Tong think first if Alice will reject their son.

Mr.Shaun agreed now, sure I agreed about this but I only want if your son tries my daughter to get hurt we never accept this ok? Mr.Shaun said, Sure Mr.Tong we will, we going to say to my son about that and I know there are classmates since there was high school right?
Mrs.Lea said, Yes I know there are classmates before Mrs. Anna Tong said, and they're also finished talking.

(At Tong's House)

Mr. and Mrs. Tong go home, Alice was worried about where her parents go cause they never tell Alice that they going to Heiro's house.

Mom, Dad finally home and where have you been? Alice said, will me and your dad gonna tell it to you Alice mother said, hmm ok mom but you sure you going to tell me why you and dad never tell me this earlier were two of you, you go Alice said, yeah my dear me and your dad will going to tell you later.

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