-Alice Already Knows- Chapter Five

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At 2 minutes later

Alice goes there living room and sits down on the couch, Mom am.. by the way, what is the reason why you and dad go out earlier, will dear me and your dad go to Heiro's House and we have been talking about it.., what? You and dad going in Heiro's house Alice is very wondering, dear please just calm yourself dear, Leo's parents has been what you to be the wife of their son Mrs. Anna said, What? You let me be the wife of Leo but why? Mom, I don't like him since I and Leo were classmates before Alice said.

Alice I know you never want Leo but his parents we been agreed about that Mrs. Anna said, But what if Leo tried me to hurt that I only I don't want to him mom Alice said, Don't worry dear me and your dad tell them if Leo hurt you we never accept that.

At Evening

(Leo's Room)

Leo search Alice's social media and try to chat with her, 2 minutes later Leo finally saw Alice's social media account.

Leo says hi to Alice, Alice's phone rang cause someone chats with her, Alice checks her phone who's texting, Alice opens now her Messenger and Alice saw that Leo chat with her.

(Alice's Room)

Alice replied to him too, am Leo how did you find my account? Alice said will I try to search your account that is why I been found now your account.

Alice and Leo is been chatting with one each other.

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