-Chapter Six-

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Next Morning

Alice's alarm was ringing, Alice wake up and check her phone if someone was next to her, so no one message her so she go to the bathroom and take a bath after she finish taking a bath and she wear her dress and she goes to there kitchen and eats her breakfast and she goes to Heiro's Company.

5 minutes later

(At Heiro's Company)

Good morning Mr.Leo and by the way, Ms.Alice Tong is here and she waiting at you in your offices, Leo's Assistant said, Ah ok thanks for informing me Leo said.

(At Heiro's Offices)

Leo open the door, Alice your here and a long time no see how many years we never met again Leo said, I know Leo but I came here and I have to ask you something Alice said,
ok but what are you going ask to me, Alice? Leo said, why did you want me to be your wife and why did you like me? Alice Said, will why I want you to be my wife and yeah I still like you since's before that were classmates cause I don't have time to find any girls that is why I have been choices you.

Ah ok but if I agree this you want you to make sure you never tried me to hurt Alice said,
Yeah, yeah Alice I know I never rather than hurt you I'm not like does guys that want you to fool.

Alice and Leo have been understanding each other and Alice accept what Leo decides.

Alice goes out now to Heiro's Company and next she goes to the grocery and buys some food and snacks.

(In Groceries Store)

Hmm.. what first I going to buy Alice POV,
Fara saw Alice that she's here in the grocery, Oh I can't believe your here Alice long time no see and what are you doing here and what are you going to buy? Fara said, but Alice was ignoring her and she pretend that she never heard her, Alice I'm talking to you, just answer my question? Fara said, What do you want Fara you know what can you please get out in my way Alice said, Alice go now and Fara has been ignored again.

what's wrong with that girl? She's so annoying I know she has been planning again about me Alice POV.

Alice is almost done grocery in the supermarket.

Alice goes home.

(At Tong's House)

I'm home, And I buy a lot of food we should eat Alice said, oh dear you here now, am let me help you with these groceries Ms.Xia said.

(Alice's Room)

Alice goes to her room, Finally, I'm nowhere in my bed, will what I should I do, what if I try to message Sara I know I miss her.

Alice chat with Sara, hi Sara am good afternoon, but Sara never accepts Alice's message, Hmm I think Sara is busy right now.

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