-Chapter Nine-

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Next Morning

*Yawn* good morning and rise in shine *shock* wait Leo sleep beside at me Alice POV,
Eeeekk seriously why he even sleep beside at me sigh he look so handsome when he sleeping Alice POV.

Hmm I should take a bath now and I going ready the breakfast now maybe Leo will be mad at me Alice said.

Alice already finish take a bath and she wear her clothes, Alice go down and she ready there breakfast.

Miss Alice am thank you for helping us readying the breakfast cause if the breakfast is ready Young Master Leo will gonna mad on us hehehe Maid #2 said, oh but at least I help you guys but if your hungry just come with us and take a breakfast Alice said, am no miss Alice were already finish eat ur' breakfast no need to be worried on us Maid #1 said, oh if you say so Alice said,

Leo go down and he saw Alice is waiting at him, Hmm I can't believe my future wife is still waiting at me, but why you should wait at me why you going eat first maybe your hungry right now Leo said.

Am no Leo I'm not hungry yet but I only want to eat with you.

Alice and Leo eat their breakfast and there finish eating there meal.

(In the Garden)

Alice go out and she go in the garden and take a rest and watching those beautiful glomming flowers.

Haysst, what a nice view? I love this places but I still remember this before that.. I was sitting alone in the garden and I was reading book.

Leo heard what Alice said.

Leo come to Alice and sit beside with her, I can't really impress that you like here? Leo said, am yeah I really like here cause if I saw a lot of glomming flowers my eyes going take a rest my eyes Alice said.

-4 minutes later-

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