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-I was gonna use gifs but Wattpad flagged them, before I published and I don't want my book deleted📌.

-I was gonna use gifs but Wattpad flagged them, before I published and I don't want my book deleted📌

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January 11th, 2023: 2:15 p.m.

Walking inside the downstairs basement area where they planned to film their at home production videos Noelle noticed the classroom setup with the cameras and everything in place.

"What's this pookie" she asked looking up at Giovanni who had set all this all up.

"Our makeshift classroom for our video today" he said smiling.

"And what you got up yo sleeve" she asked with a smirk.

"Imma be the teacher and you gone be the student yo outfit right there on the single desk" he said then she looked over and saw her outfit nicely laid out on the desk.

"Yo ass been plotting since I got this birth control out, but I'm down" she said then he shrugged.

"Sure was" he said then he buttoned up his shirt so he could be in character.

"What class we in" she asked walking over to the desk then she took off her robe leaving her bare body exposed then grabbed the pieces to the sets and put them on one by one.

"This gone be after school help since you failed your tutoring test because you didn't study" he said then he grabbed the fake test he printed out then he grabbed the pencil.

"Ok" she said fixing her hair then she threw the robe on the couch in the back then she turned.

"Ouuu you look sexy" he said smiling big.

"Thank you" she said then she sat down at the desk.

"Alright lemme start these cameras" he said walking over to the first camera.

"Ouuu imma do a lil note and hide it then you gonna find it" she said causing him to nod.

"Bet baby" he said.

3 minutes later...

"Jayda do you know why I called you today" Giovanni asked leaning back on the desk with his arms folded.

"No Mr.East why am I here? I have practiced today" Noelle asked looking at her nails then she gave him a bored look.

"I talked to your coach and she said this is more important" he said looking at her.

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