-Chapter Ten-

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*Yawn* what I should to do here, I'm too bored today Alice's POV, what if I gonna watch anime? ...wait? That's a good idea! Alice said.

Alice go to her room and watch Anime

(Alice's Room)

Hmm.. where is it my laptop?
(2minutes finding her laptop)

What???! Where is it?? Alice Said,
Alice is everything alright? Leo said,
Wait your here? well I was finding my laptop but I never seen it Alice said,
Wait you never saw your laptop? Well what are you going to do at your laptop? Leo said, well i going to watch Amine Alice said, oh your going to watch anime, what if you going borrowed first my laptop if you want to watch it Leo said, wait what? I going borrow your laptop? but are you sure you may be me borrow it? Alice said, yeah of course you can borrow Leo said.

Oh okey!!

Here's my laptop, well enjoy watching anime there Leo said.

Yeah,yeah Alice said.

Hmm what I should I watch? Wait! what if I going watch Attack on Titan, eeek I really love Levi Ackerman huhuhu Alice said.

Hehehe I can't believe she like Attack on Titan Leo's POV.

6 minutes after watching

Alice smiled and she enjoyed watching anime, finally I'm done watching now.

Hello Miss Alice, Am excuse me? can I ask you? Are you hungry?

Am not really but you going bring me a snack that I can eat?

Yeah I bring you here cause Young Master told me that I should bring a snack maybe you are hungry watching anime hehehe.

Eh? What kind did Leo thinking? Am but ok, but what did you bring for me.

Am will I bring you here a Macarons and strawberry smoothie.

Oh that's taste good, will just put on the table I will get it.

Am ok Miss Alice.

Alice tries the macarons and she really love it.

Hmmmm I love it, so delicious hehehe, will let me taste this smoothie, oh omay i like this smoothie huhuhu .

Alice almost done eating her Macarons and she also finish drink her strawberry smoothie...

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