-Chapter Eleven-

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(Alice's Room)
*Sigh* I really miss mom and dad now.

Let me call mom.

Hi mom, how are you right now? I really miss you already, well.. I'm fine my dear, how about you how are you?, I'm also fine mom and how's dad today what he doing right now, will he take a rest cause his busy at work my dear, ah.. ok mom.

Well.. I can ask you? Am.. did Leo make you suffer or else he hurt you?
Am not mom everything is fine but he's so gentle and sweet mom seem I like him right now but don't try to tell him that I have feelings at him.

Hahaha sure my dear why not? I won't tell at him that you have feeling to him.

*Sigh* oh ok but make sure take care of yourself and dad too and don't been stress as well and I don't want you and dad have a sick I want that you are healthy ok?

Yeah yeah dear me and your dad we take care ourselves.

But you promise mom huh, and will good night I'm kinda sleepy right now and just take a rest right now cause you have a duty right?

Yeah dear I have work tomorrow and good night and sweet dream.

Finally I already call mom, well.. let's sleep now I'm tired today, but wait I gonna check first Leo is he already at his room.

(Leo's Room)

*Knock, knock*
Am come in? Leo said,
Alice open the door and she came in.

Am Leo are you already sleep now?
Did I even disturb you?

Well..I'm not sleep yet but why?

Am nothin' but just sleep now cause is already 9:00.

Am yeah but I going finish first this that I work today, and I going to sleep also, why are you been worried at me?

Am no and finish your work and sleep now!!

Hehehe ok ok and good night my Love's, I LOVE YOU!

Eh? Good night.. *sigh*

(At Alice's room)

Hysst Now I going to sleep now....

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