~The Secret~

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TW: Murder, blood, brief description of a dead body

It's been a exactly a year since the accident, Ashley Rose thought to herself as she pressed her small frame against the mattress, trying desperately to saver the last few moments before she had to get up and head out into the icy rain and board the bus to school. Accident? What the hell am I saying? "Indecent" was more of a correct term for what had happened last August, because it was definitely not an accident. 


Blood so much blood, Ashley looked around the room, her vision clouding from the extreme amount of panic and shock she was experiencing. The red head shook off her emotions, trying to think clearly, ignoring the body on the ground, her bright blue gaze scanned the room, looking for any signs of who might have done this terrible thing. She didn't have to look any farther.

Ashley's eyes fell on the darkened corner, where somebody stood, their tall, slim form illuminated only by moonlight, their shadow eerily elongated across the floor. The person stepped out of the shadows, reveling their, long, scarlet-dyed hair, their black dress, and finally their face... but no, it couldn't be.

"Ember?" The smaller girl asked, horrified at what she was seeing, her best friend, her girlfriend,  the love of her fucking life, standing there, with the blood of their teacher smeared in a dark red stain across her bare chest, exposed by the low cut neck of her dress, with a satisfied smirk plastered across her pale face.

"Why hello, Ashley my darling."


Ashley drew in a sharp intake of breath, sitting up and entangling her hands in her now pastel blue curls. She wished more than anything that the memory of that horrific night would stop flashing through her head at the worst moments possible. She shook as tears started to build up in her eyes, it was strange how everything worked: in the week following the indecent, she had been an emotionless robot, pretending nothing out of the ordinary had happened, it's like her brain had pushed everything to the back of her mind where it could only be dragged back out when she truly needed it. But now it was all getting pushed to the surface again, spilling out of her in a tidal wave of anger, sadness, and fear.

And then right when that wave was about to spill out of her eyes, her phone rang, the sound of Sweater Weather  playing coming from her bedside table dragging Ashley back to reality. She sighed, sitting up and wiping the tears away from her rosy cheeks, Ashley hated crying, it made her feel weak, like she was drowning in a pool of dejection in which there was no surface to reach.

"Hey Ash, hows it going?" Ashley smiled slightly when she heard the bubbly voice of Skylar across the phone. Skylar had been Ashley's friend ever since third grade, when a boy in their class had tried to pull the chair out from under them, and even though she got sent to the principals office for it, Ashley had punched him in the face to stop them from falling on their ass. That seemed so long ago now, a distant memory in the sea of worry that was now her mind.

"I'm alright." She sighed, thinking that they had probably got up early to call her since they remembered what day it was. But, despite their parental like tendencies, she did love Skylar. They talked for a few minutes, chatting about nothing in particular, but it calmed Ashley down non the less. Finally it was time to go to school, but it was like her body had frozen, she couldn't talk to Ember, not today, not when it was the exact day, a year later, that the indecent had occurred.

"Sky... I don't think I can do it." Ashley said, trying to keep the quaver out of her voice. She heard Skylar sigh, and then tell her that it was fine, and that she could do it, and that they would get through this together. But the problem was, that Skylar didn't understand, because they didn't know who had killed Mrs. Lake, nobody did except Ashley, all the public knew was that Ashley was the one who discovered the body, the secret of the murderer was between her and Ember, because Ember would have it no other way.

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