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July 29th, 2023: 5 p

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July 29th, 2023: 5 p.m.

"All rise" the pastor said at the alter causing the small group of family and friends they did have to stand to their feet.

Today was the day! Today was the day they'd finally get to say I do and spend the rest of their lives with one another as true husband and wife and learn and grow with one another as true husband and wife.

Standing in his black suit with his hint rose gold tie matching the theme of the wedding Giovanni stood accompanied with his best men Gianni and Bully then a few of his other close friends.

"You good crip" Bully whispered sensing his friend's nervousness.

"I just hope she hasn't gotten cold feet the wedding was supposed to start three minutes ago and Kai and Novani haven't even come out yet" he whispered to his friend keeping a stone cold face so the others wouldn't get worried.

"Nigga shut up Noelle love yo big dumb ass" Gianni chimed in rolling his eyes knowing the real reason while she's a couple minutes late because of Zoie's slip up.

Hearing music play and the doors open Giovanni's attention went right to the double door that opened revealing his two princesses in lovey rose gold dresses with their brother in the middle with a suit similar to the groomsmen then they both Kairi and Novani started throwing their flowers like they rehearsed as they walked down the Isle.

Well tried to walk down the isle because Novani was still trying to get the concept together since she's only 1 but she refused to get in the wagon and insisted on walking leaving Zoie to shrug and send her pandemic ass right out the door with her siblings.

"Get a grip Noelle I'm sure he's standing at the isle waiting for you" Zoie said fanning his nervous best friend.

"Ok, I'm ready! Let's do this" she said excitedly grabbing the bouquet of flowers in her hand then Zoie made his way out the double doors into the church then he stood on Noelle's side because of course he was her maid of honor..Well sir of honor lmao.

Hearing the sweet melodies coming from the piano everybody's eyes went to the door anticipating Noelle's arrival.

Looking at the two double doors part Noelle couldn't help but smile seeing her children and soon to be husband at the alter.

Walking down the isle to the rhythm of the sweet sound she found herself at the alter and handed her flowers to Zoie.

"You look amazing" Giovanni chocked up looking at his future wife with so much love.

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