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July 30th, 2023: 11:35 a

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July 30th, 2023: 11:35 a.m.

"Baby lemme freshen up please" Noelle begged walking inside of their hotel room located in Amalfi Coast, Italy.

"Mmtch"'he said sucking his teeth then he pulled his lips away from her neck and stood up straight then he adjusted himself inside of his boxers.

"I know you want me pookie and I want you too but I've been on the jet for hours and I can't be ripe while we're fucking and don't you want to see what Zoie was talking about" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes I really do, but go on imma go freshen up in the other bathroom" he said kissing her cheek.

"Thank you, I promise I won't keep you waiting too long" she said smiling big.

"Bet not" he said smiling then he handed her her bag then they went separate ways down the halls to the bathroom.

Giovanni wanted to go all out for his wife so two weeks in Italy alone with her sounded like the perfect plan and he planned on making this their best trip ever.

10 minutes later...

"Baby come one I'm bout to die out here" Giovanni complained laying on the bed butt ass naked with his dick standing tall waiting for Noelle to make her grand entrance.

Just the thought of her made him hard he's been going through pure hell these past two months not being to make love to her but he couldn't lie and say he didn't enjoy not having sex as well he feel as if they connected more on the friendship and communication part of their relationship catching it up to their sexual relationship so they could have the perfect balance.

"Here goes nothing" she mumbled to herself looking in the mirror one last time knowing when they're finished shes not gonna looking the same and that was good.

Stepping out of the bathroom Noelle sexily walked into the bedroom while eyeing her husband on the bed.

She's been looking at lingerie for weeks and she found pieces for each of their nights here because she planned on fucking him everyday and reminding him why she got this ring.

The number she had on today consisted of a white two piece set that hugged her body perfectly, even though she ordered a size up in the panties her lower lips still seemed to hang out and Giovanni loved it.

"You look so sexy..So perfect c'mere" he spoke looking at her with he licked his lips as she got closer to the bed then he grabbed her hand and twirled her around getting a view of the set.

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