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August 13th, 2023: 11:35 p

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August 13th, 2023: 11:35 p.m.

"Oh shit baby don't freak out" Giovanni said coming inside the room with his phone.

We're finally back home from our honeymoon and we spent all day with the kids and ion know bout him but I'm horny and tired and that's a bad combination.

Anyways, lemme tell y'all Italy was amazing and I think that's our special place now we had so much fun and created so many memories everything was honestly perfect, but not as perfect as being home with my kids.

"Don't tell me not to freak out because that's gonna make me freak out, what happened" I asked looking at him then he approached the bed and moved the covers back then he joined me inside the bed and moved closer to me.

"Hmm you horny and tired now you gotta attitude better fix that shit, but umm baby the world kinda knows we're Jayda and East" he said looking at me causing my eyes to grow big.

"H-huh" I asked looking at him.

"This is so awkward but yo sister noticed my tattoo of your name across my back in one of the fan club videos and exposed us" he said then I held my mouth opened.

"That bitch and eww she was probably getting off to me fucking my husband..Oh my gosh you're parents they're gonna think imma hoe and everybody else..What about our business" I panicked while looking at him then he grabbed my hands.

"Calm down booty we just gotta come clean about why we did it and if people wanna look at us differently oh well remember we did what we had to do for our family and our stability" he said causing me to nod.

"You're right imma just turn my phone off because that's why it's been blowing up" I said then he grabbed it from my hands and started looking through the notifications.

"Parkland so sick yo" he said then he turned off my phone.

"Can we just go to bed" I asked looking at him.

"Yea, do you wanna take the videos down or" he asked looking at me.

"Umm no we still fucking on camera we just gonna take this little situation and make it worth it imagine our millions of fans dying to see us off the social media and us together in our bedroom" I said then he started smiling.

"I knew I married the right woman" he said then he kissed me.

"And we raising our fan club prices we finna earn us a couple mil" I said smirking then he smiled.

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