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August 14th, 2023: 1:25 p

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August 14th, 2023: 1:25 p.m.

"Look what I bought baby" Giovanni said coming down the stairs with a maid costume.

"And when did you buy this" Noelle asked smiling walking up to Giovanni butt naked like he asked her to be.

"Awhile ago and damn you look sexy" he said kissing her lips.

"Thank you daddy but what scene you have in mind" she asked looking up at him.

"Let's just go with the flow but backstory is I'm gone be the rich business man and you coming to do your rounds and your last stop gone be in my office and imma be in there and you gone try and conceive me to give you a raise" I said then she nodded.

"Ok baby you can help me" she asked pointing to the outfit.

"Of course and don't put on no panties when you bend over I wanna see my fat cat" he said causing her to laugh.

"I wasn't finna put none on anyways" she said then he bent down and kissed her belly.

"Sorry peanut daddy bout to have some fun with mommy" he said to her belly causing her to laugh.

"Come on I'm horny daddy" she said running her hand down his chest then she grabbed him.

"Let go" he said slapping her ass causing her to moan then she let go of him.

10 minutes later...

"What do you mean it's not ready" Giovanni said into the phone while he sat in the makeshift office.

Lightly knocking on the door Noelle came in dressed in her maid's outfit and she had a small bucket of cleaning supplies.

Giovanni was dressed in your normal casual business man attire long button up shit and a nice pair of black dress pants and as soon as Noelle he looked at her.

"Josh it's not that hard man you just need to listen..No, no you're fired stressing me out and shit" he said then he hung up the phone and placed it on the desk while Noelle started dusting the bookcase.

"Why are you in here" he asked gaining her attention.

"My job sir and I also need to talk to you" she said looking at him.

"Have a seat across my desk" he said then she out her items away and did just that and sat down.

"Speak" he said looking at her coldly only turning her on more.

"Um- I n-need a raise sir I-I clean this house everyday a-and my paycheck isn't reflecting my work" she said playing with her fingers falling into her nervous maid character.

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