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Starface is reinventing the way we care for acne-prone skin, as the first skincare brand to combine efficacy and optimism. We're here to change the conversation around acne with simple and affordable products that make people feel confident, cute, and happy.

Self-expression is at the heart of everything we do at Starface, which is why we've teamed up with Wattpad to put your creative chops to the test, with the #Starface Writing Contest. Starface will be transforming one lucky winner's story into an epic video!

Interested? Keep reading for more details!

📝 Contest Challenge

In 500 words or less, write a story where your main character joins forces with Big Yellow  (Starface's cute yellow cube who loves skin positivity) to overcome an obstacle, fear, or challenge. Maybe they're sent to a galaxy far, far away to fight the war on acne, or perhaps they team up to help a friend feel more confident during a breakout with Hydro-Stars (Starface's hydrocolloid pimple protectors). Nothing is off limits. Make it funny, weird, quirky, or wholesome—just share your entry as a new story on your Wattpad profile, and tag your story with #Starface for a chance to win!

💭  Thought Starters

- Take your story to the next level! As mentioned above, maybe your story takes place in another galaxy or dimension, where Big Yellow and your character embark on an epic battle! Or, maybe they embark on a thrilling adventure where they solve a shocking mystery.

- Set your story as a rom-com! Your character is getting ready for a hot date, and all of sudden... a pimple appears! Tell us how Big Yellow swoops in to save the night.

- Acne can be a total confidence setback. We've all been there. Set your story in a scene where Big Yellow helps your character gain confidence. Be it working up the courage to ask their crush to prom, or getting ready for a big presentation at school. How does Big Yellow help your character build the confidence to overcome their fears?

Wattpadders— The winning story will be turned into a video with Starface! There is no limit as to what your story can be. From a romantic short to an adventurous thriller, just make sure to center your story around your character and Big Yellow overcoming a challenge of some sort, making Starface the true ⭐  of the story!


- Deadline to enter this contest is December 6th, 2021 at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time.

📜  Submission Requirements

- Posted as a new story on your Wattpad profile

- Submission must be in English

- Submission must be an original fictional story centered around Big Yellow and your character overcoming a challenge. You may (not mandatory) include additional Starface products in the story.

- Submission must be tagged #Starface

- Any Submission not compliant with Wattpad's Content Guidelines will be removed immediately

- You can submit more than one story to be considered, as long as they meet our guidelines

✅  Eligibility Requirements

- Entrants must be legal residents of the United States and 13 years of age or older at the time of entry.

- You must be signed in to Wattpad to enter the contest (must have a Wattpad account to enter, to create one for free, visit

🏆  Prizes

One (1) winning entry shall receive the following:

- One (1) Shout out on the @starface profile on Wattpad

- One (1) shout out on Wattpad's socials

- One (1) Shout out on the @starface Instagram account

- One (1) Starface Swag Bag

Your story will be turned into a custom video with Starface!

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Happy Writing!

The Wattpad Team

The Starface Team

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