-Chapter Fifteen-

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(At Leo's mansion)
Am Leo can I ask you? Alice said

What is it Alice? Leo said

Well do have work tomorrow?
And can I come with you, is fine if you won't me to come with you Alice said

Well yeah I have work tomorrow in the company and also i agree you can come with me Leo said

Are you sure that I come with you... yay is my first time I go to your company heheheh Alice said

5 minutes later
(At Alice room)

Leo have work tomorrow and I'm so excited

Hmm what I gonna do today I'm kinda bored again, wait what is this?

A lette..r , let me open this?

After Alice read all

*Hmm.. I think someone likes Leo and why did Leo never open this letter Alice POV*

Alice to go Leo room

*Knock knock*

Leo can I come in I have something to give to you Alice said

Ok come in Leo said

Am Leo did you have read this letter before cause I saw it in the cabinet this letter Alice said

Give it to me Leo said

I think that a love letter cause all I have read about how she in love at you that why Alice said

Hmm.. but I don't mind this letter and I have a lot a work I gonna do and you Alice if your bored just watch your favorite movies or you can go in the garden Leo said

Sigh, but I don't wanna go in the garden And I don't to watch movie today Alice said

So what are you gonna do today? Leo said

I don't know what i gonna do and I gonna go now maybe I been disturb you Alice said

*I really want to leave here I don't want to stay here longer but what if Leo will mad at me cause I runaway stop him Alice POV*

What if I will try go to his library room Alice said

(At Leo's library room)

Wow, theres a lot of books here,
Hmm what I gonna read here?

Wait what is this?
A romances book?

Let me read it....

1 hour after Alice read all books she read

*Yawn* I'm kinda sleepy right now Alice POV

Better I gonna put all books in the bookshelf where I have get Alice said

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