-Chapter Sixteen-

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(At Alice room)
Wait someone calling me! *ring ring*
Hello?! Alice said

Am hello Ms.Tong by the way this is the Assistant of Mr. Fred the company of Fred company

Ah ok.. but why? Did Mr.Fred want me to go there for the all company documents have been do? Alice reply

Well..not about that and will Mr. Fred want you to invite in the events at 7:00pm

Oh but if my boyfriend well accept me to go there I gonna ask him first Alice reply

Oh ok Ms.Tong just call me if you accept his invitation for you

Ah ok and thank you Alice reply

After there calling in the assistant of Mr.Fred

Tomorrow I will go at Leo's company and then at the evening I have something to go

Well I not sure if Leo will allowed me to go at the events

Hmm... let me ask him if he agreed

(At Leo's room)

*Knock Knock*

Come in Leo said

Am hi Leo, did i disturb you again? Alice said

Well nope you didn't and what is it need help? Leo said

Am well....well.... At the evening I have something to go cause my parents friend wanted me to go there cause they have events tomorrow at 7:00pm Alice said

What? You go there with out me? Leo said

Well that the points is you can come with me in the event at night cause I'm kinda scared with out you too go there I'm really interested at them Alice said

Well ok but tomorrow at evening you sure that you wait for me Leo said

Yeah yeah I know I know and ok I'm really tired right now I want to go to sleep and also you need to rest now cause is already 8:30 pm Alice said

Yeah I gonna take a rest now and now go to your room and sleep now and good night and sweet dream and love you
Leo said

Hehehe yeah yeah same too good night Alice said

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