-Chapter Seventeen-

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(At Alice room)

First I gonna message the assistant of Mr.Fred.....

After Alice message the assistant of Mr.Fred

Now is time to sleep *Yawn*

(At Leo's Room)

*Hmm.. Tomorrow at the evening Alice have attended events and who is Mr.Fred? Leo POV*

*Now tomorrow I have a lot to do in the company and also mom and dad wanted to make better the company cause I'm the CEO now Leo POV*

In the Morning
(At Alice room)

*Yawn* Good morning and rise and shine
Hmm..now time to take a bath

After Alice take a bath and she also wear her dress

Hmm..im kinda hungry now I gonna eat my breakfast right now

Alice go to in the kitchen and eat her breakfast

Hmm..thank you for preparing my breakfast it's really delicious Alice said

Hehehe your welcome Ms.Tong cause we know we do better our work cause we don't want to be fired on Mr.Heiro  Maid #2 said

Don't worry Leo never fired you cause I know your do better your work as well Alice said

Thank you so much Ms.Tong maid #1, #2 and #3 said

Now I gonna go in the living room cause I gonna rest for a while Alice said

(At the Living room)

*I think Leo is sleeping but it's already 8:35 am now, what if I gonna wake him up Alice POV*

Alice go to Leo's room and wake him up

Leo wake up already it's already 8:35 am you should ready yourself and eat your breakfast and you have work right Alice said

*Yawn* thanks for waking me up and yeah I gonna ready myself and don't be worry at me I can do it Leo said

Ok ok I be waiting for you Alice said

Leo also finish ready his self and he already eat his breakfast

So I'm done right now so can we go now in the company Leo said

Yeah Alice said

(30minutes in there ride)
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