-Chapter Twenty Six-

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In the morning

*Yawn* let me check the time? Alice POV*

Oh its already 8:00 am hmm time to ready myself

After Alice ready herself and she go in the kitchen and she ate her breakfast and she go in the living room

Oh good morning my dear Alice how's your sleep? Anna Heiro said

Am good morning too mom and it's fine Alice said

Well at night mom call me she really miss me and I told her that maybe next time I'm going back home hehehe Alice said

Well am mom me and Leo have to go in the wedding at September 23 in Mr.Fred's daughter wedding Alice said

Sigh oh ok you and Leo can attend but Alice you really be careful always yourself at Ren Fred you know he's a jerk person that I know him before Anna Heiro said

Wait you know him? Will yeah I'm always take care myself Alice said

Yeah I know him Alice Anna Heiro said

Will did your moms know that you about going to his daughters wedding? Anna Heiro said

Well nope and today I gonna call mom and tell her Alice said

Am sure Anna Heiro said

After Alice telling her mom that she will going to attend at Fred's daughter wedding at September 23, 2034

Am Leo my son I allow you and your girlfriend to attend Mr.Fred daughter wedding but Leo you always be look over always at Alice and you gonna take care of her and also Alice my dear you always be stuck on Leo ok Anna Heiro said

Yeah mom I will Alice said

Sure mom I always take care my future wife Leo said

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