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Walking back and forth, Camilo waited impatiently for someone his grandmother wanted him to fetch.

In the train station outside of his town. He was with his uncle and Luisa who are responsible about holding the unknown person's luggage.

The boy seems excited to gawk around the new place he have never been before. He already wanted to see the new things he can't see on their town, Encanto.

"The train is here! Finally!" Camilo grin widely as he was about to wander around the train, but Agustin held the nape collar of his shirt, just to stop him from causing too much trouble.

"Your Mamí said to behave, Camilo. And don't use your shape shifting." Camilo groan and slumped his shoulders in dismay that he can't play around.

"There she is! Is it her?" Luisa asked, pointing at a girl who got the same height as the younger boy here.

"Wait, let me see." Agustin fixed his glasses and take out a photograph of a girl holding a sunflower. "Yeah, that's her!"

As the older man and the woman walk into a the girl, leaving Camilo on the sideline, looking like a lost kid who got separated from his mother.

He can't hear what they were talking about but he can see the girl nod and let them hold her luggage as they walk to Camilo.

Being excited he is, he ran to the girl and give her the biggest bear hug he could ever make. "I'm Camilo, and you? Wow, we got the same height but you look younger than me! What's your age? Where do you live? I heard Abuela talked about you and your family being gifted with miracles like us! Is that true? Whoaaa, I'm excited to know about you mor-"

He stopped bombarding you with his blah blah when you suddenly grabbed his collar while saying nothing but just glaring at him.

"How dare you drop my lollipop." your intense glare sent shiver down his spine that he never ever felt before.

He look down on the ground, seeing a light orange colored lollipop, covered with different kind of dirt, such as dust and clothes threads. It probably fell when he suddenly hugged her.

"I-I'm sorry..." you let go of his collar and massage your temple, to calm yourself from the kick of your anger issue.

"Why is it weird that people everywhere I go are annoying. Especially, this irritating loud mouth guy. I hope I didn't come here in the first place." he heard you mumble while walking away.

He can't understand why but your words angered or maybe made him unhappy. He never liked people who bad mouthed others, so he did something he can't believe. He bursted out on you.

"Hey, It's just a lollipop you know! I can literally buy or make tons of that tasteless candy! So stop being rude! I am not a loud mouth! Take that back!" he shouted, alarming Agustin and Luisa to make Camilo stop.

"Huh? Why do I need to take it back? You're the reason why my candy fell on my lips, so not apologize to me instead saying that you can make that candy with ARROGANCE. Now, apologize!" you demanded.

"No! If you take your words back then, I CAN apologize to you! Now, take it back!"

"Uhh Camilo, stop shouting to the girl." Agustin tried to calm his nephew and the other girl too.

"I won't, until this rude girl here take her words back! I'm not a loud mouth, right?! RIGHT?!!"

"No, you are. So stop with the blah blah and let's go home, Abuela is waiting for us." Luisa grab Camilo's ruana and walk away, making him look like a grumpy dog growling to an another dog he met on the streets.


"We're home!" Agustin utter, putting down all of your luggage on the floor, letting Casita do the work.

"Welcome back, Papí!" said Mirabel.

"You're finally here." Madrigal's Abuela walk to you and gifted you a hug that only lasted for a second. "Yeah, when will I go home?"

She chuckle. "In 2 months. But, this will be your home for the 60 days stay."

"Can I go to another house? I think I can't stand pomelo's sassy attitude." you said, pointing at the guy who got same age as you.

"Pomelo? It's Camilo, my dear." Alma corrected. This woman is boring to be a homie. That sounds the same. So it's pomelo

"Oh right! Let's introduce ourselves for a minute." just as she utter those, many voices including the house rang through your ear drums loudly. "One by one."

"I'm Julieta, the other oldest daughter of Mama." an old woman said, offering you some food.

"I am Agustin, Julieta's husband." the man who fetched you earlier introduced himself.

"I'm Pepa, the mother of that sassy pomelo." another woman introduced as she hugged you, she got rainbow around her head, it looks like a halo.

"I'm Felix, this lovely woman's husband." a dark skinned man said, looking at the woman named Pepa who he introduced to be his wife. "You silly." and with that, they started to flirt with each other in the sideline.

"I'm Antonio! This is my friends!" a small boy shouted, trying to get your attention. He was with a jaguar and other kinds of birds.

"I'm Dolores, nice to meet you." a beautiful woman who got red ribbon tie on her head.

"I'm Mirabel! You look amazing! You're 15, right? That's great, we got the same age!" a cheerful girl with glasses vocal.

"I'm Luisa, you look really umm... how do I day it... you look like a marshmallow, are you exercising? You need to exercise to make you look more STRONG!" she flexes her biceps or maybe muscles before smiling at you.

Just as you got lost in your thoughts for a second, a bouquet of flowers appears to you as the flowers bloom into many kinds.

"Isabella. Flowers are the best welcoming gift so I have you some." a woman with long black hair vocal.

"Camilo, introduce yourself now." Dolores whispered to the boy. He grumpily turn around with a loud hmph, his back facing you while his arms are crossed.

Dolores awkwardly gave you an almost forced toothy smile. "I think he's shy."

"I'm Y/N Marifoso, the second child of David Marifoso. We live somewhere far form here but still in Colombia. And just like you, I also have a gift. Two gift to be exact." you simply explained.



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