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"YOU HAVE WHAT?!!" Pepa's middle child accidentally shouted, not believing what you just said.

"Marifoso, Madrigal and De Leon. Are the three families who got a miracles. Them and I are close friends, it blooms when we met each another 8 years before our place we used to use as home got colonized by those unforgivable immigrants."

"We established Encanto together for the first 10 years. One day, two of them decided to travel to another place so they can help other people who needs help, and use the miracle to many more things, but of course they kept our miracles secret. All I know now is that the three families grew with full of healthy life and happiness for the past years.

"Us Madrigal got our powers because of the candle, where we got our gifts."

"In De leon's case, my friend loves to hold a book everywhere, and it turns out that their power is to create spells using their own grimoire, their power have limits though. But they are powerful as us."

"Marifoso are the one who share the beauty of the world, they are the one who have the power of life because they are gifted with two miracles." Alma calmly explained.

"That's a bluff, I'm a Marifoso yet I got no beauty and power of life. I wanna die ya'know. Tch." you mumble carefully, not letting them hear it. But in your dismay, one of them seems to heard it.

"You want to what..?" the girl named Dolores whisper near you. "What I want is to dye- yeah, dye... dye my hair."

"You may rest for the mean time, Y/N. Camilo, lead her to her room." Felix ordered his son. The boy sigh and clicked his tongue with a pout at the end.

"Come here, Miss MaRiFoSooOoO." he sarcastically utter, walking to the stairs that their house made.

The house seems heard his sarcastic tone, and decided to take some action. Subsequently, the flat stairs quickly turned into diagonal, causing Camilo to slid down aggressively.

His ass fell on the bricks floor, as you who were just an inch beside where he fell, tried not to laugh at his state. "Pathetic."

He bursted into many identities from the embarrassment. "How dare you betray me like that." he whisper-yell on the stairs.

"Pfft- Aww, Chameleon felt so betrayed. Are you going to cry?" you playfully mock him. "I'm not going to cry!"

Walking at the stairs that now arranged into flats, Camilo walk on the same plank as yours so he won't slide down again.

"This is your room." he irritatingly open a plain looking door beside a glowing golden like door. "I want this one. It's glowing."

Opening the door, you faced a room full of mirrors. It was quite dark yet the darkness was just right for your eyes. "This is my room." Camilo butted in.

You stood infront of a full body mirror as your right hand unintentionally ran through the glass mirror, not a single word came out from you nor Camilo's lips. He was busy ranting about something you can't even understand.

Both of your eyes are still darted on the reflection of your face. "What is this?"

Camilo stopped talking about nonsense and tilted his head to your direction. "What happened?" he questioned however, he got no response from you.

"I can't believe this..." he doesn't know why but you look like hypnotized by the mirror.

"Hey, don't just stand there! Mamí will kill me if something happens to you! Hey-"

"Why am I this beautiful?" you left hand gently trace your face as you smile. The atmosphere around you turned from serious into sparkling as you began to look dramatic.

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